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Creative Design and UX

Immersing ourselves in the creative and strategic elements to visually represent your brand.

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Creative Design Services by VisualFizz

Design is about more than just typeface and spacing. VisualFizz’s creative design services aim to make an emotional connection with the audiences that matter the most. From UX and Web Design to branded imagery and custom media creation, VisualFizz designs and creates media that drives engagement and elevates your brand.

Creative Design and UX Clients

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Brand Strategy and Identity Design

Branding and design are inseparable and should be approached together. Discover your brand’s true identity and excite and engage your target audience with Branding Discovery and Design by VisualFizz.

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Photography and Videography

Showcase your brand, your services, and your products in the best light possible with professional photography and videography by VisualFizz. From product shoots to sizzle reels, from libraries of branded content to introductory and explainer videos, our skilled photographers and videographers put your brand’s imagery to work.

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Print Design

The best designers know that printed media must be designed differently than Web Media. We ensure your company’s marketing material, brand guides, brochures, and other printed assets are flawlessly designed, are ideal for print, and support marketing goals.

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Logo and Creative

Logos and other identifying design elements are the face of your brand. VisualFizz’s team of expert logo designers concept and create logos and brand identities that support marketing goals and define brands.

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Ebooks and White Papers

Long-form content such as ebooks, white papers and other special digital assets deserve specialized design expertise. Our team’s unique blend of designers and content creators ensures ebooks, white papers, and other professional documentation reflect the appearance of your brand and support conversions.

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UX Design and Landing Page Design

The User’s Experience (UX) when landing on a digital asset can make or break campaigns. VisualFizz’s team of expert UX designers create meaningful experiences for the user by practicing radical empathy — delving into the user experience to perfect the art and process of UX design.

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Web and Media Design For The Modern Audience

Designing for the modern audience is about making an emotional connection with those that matter the most. More than just fonts and messaging delivery, modern design is about being different in all the right ways. The VisualFizz team of designers understands the modern audience and their expectations from branded experiences.

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Branding and Design

VisualFizz supports our client partners’ mission to fulfill consumer needs through the creation of meaningful experiences before, during, and after the sale. VisualFizz’s branding and design services are successful because of our approach; we understand that branding and design are two very important components of the same concept and must work together.

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Powerful Branding, Powerful Design

VisualFizz creates and develops brands that elicit an emotional response from audiences. Our experiential background allows us to connect emotionally with audiences through meaningful experiences. Our marketing approach allows us to build trackable and high-performing campaigns that lift brands on all channels. By leveraging this blend of expertise, VisualFizz’s design services are impactful, memorable, and successful.

From emerging startups to established brands, from household names looking to reposition to brands entering new markets, VisualFizz leverages our marketing and design expertise to deliver media that is on brand, consistent, and unforgettable.

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Creative Design and UX Case Studies

Website and Landing Page Development Build for The American Cancer Society
Fully-functional, conversion-focused, mobile-friendly microsite delivered in record time
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B2B Tech Marketing Strategy for Point of Sale Company
1,300% form submission increase, +30% website traffic, social audience growth of more than 314%
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Brand Development and Logo Design for Pet eCommerce Retail Brand
Developed branding, logos, and brand design for ecommerce company utilizing web development, social media marketing, and design product offerings.
View Details
Technical SEO Strategy Results in a 60% Increases in Organic Traffic
Increased organic traffic by nearly 60%, monthly revenue 43% and click through to affiliates by 45%
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We’re proud to partner with globally loved brands.
The company I was working for brought on VisualFizz for some additional help with social media. My experience with the team was fantastic! They helped us organize our content calendar and even introduced us with 3rd party tools that help streamline our social media process. The value that they added to our social media strategy was tremendous!
Andrea M.
Social Media Marketing Coordinator, Hu-Friedy
VisualFizz team's output was phenomenal. They implemented several changes while keeping communication open. They also consistently delivered on time. Customers can expect dedication, commitment, and professionalism from them.
James H.
Marketing Director, American Cancer Society
VisualFizz provides top-notch digital marketing, content development, and design services. In addition to the quality of their work, they also provide a lot of valuable feedback and are innovative in their approach. They genuinely care about client success and act as an extension of the company.
Teri K.
Marketing Coordinator, Rose Paving
As a Chicago digital marketing agency, VisualFizz's team is made up of dedicated and compassionate members. They went above and beyond what was scoped out in the original project plan. They were very understanding and they kept an open line of communication if there was any issues. Thanks VisualFizz!
Kayla B.
Marketing Coordinator, Christian Community Health Center
The VisualFizz team have been a pleasure to work with as we launch our company! They are creative, knowledgeable, responsive, and invested in understanding our vision and delivering stellar products. They have been a fantastic partner and we will definitely use them for all future services.
John M.
Founder, Spiro Behavioral Medicine
From the time we first met with VisualFizz, we knew instantly that they were going to be the Chicago Marketing Agency we would work with for the long run. They are extremely thorough and thoughtful in how they approach their presentations. Considering the specialty that we are in, they are patient and understanding when it comes to the nuances of the kind of services we offer our patients. When they are tasked with a project, they come prepared. They are detailed, organized and do their research. They continue to impress us with their professionalism and enthusiasm.
Julie I.
Patient Care Specialist, Granzow Lymphedema & Lipedema Center
We recently completed a huge project where they revamped the Member Search feature. The project was very complex as we needed the search feature to have multiple functionalities. VisualFizz was extremely responsive to our needs, setting up as many meetings as necessary and working within our limited budget and time frame for completion of the project. They were at an extreme disadvantage as our previous vendor did not provide thorough documentation on the back end of our website. VisualFizz simultaneously built out the Search feature while creating documentation on our site for future projects. We are very happy with the end results.
Shea S.
Chief Administrative Officer, Counselors of Real Estate
VisualFizz successfully delivered a creative brand roadmap that perfectly communicates the company’s purpose. Their co-founder was directly involved and he and his team were quick to respond and considerate. There’s nothing that they need to improve.
Kenneth P.
Founder, Exectable
VisualFizz's work has received positive external feedback and has improved lead generation. Not only did they succeed in making a stand out brand video and enhancing social media presence, but they were also a thoughtful, communicative partner who provided constant updates and expert advice.
Donovan B.
Marketing Coordinator, ReSource Point of Sale
Thanks to VisualFizz’s SEO strategy, the content is far more specific and accessible. As a result, incoming leads are far more qualified. The team’s strength is their willingness to explore various ideas while still being amenable to feedback. They respond quickly to resolve any issue that arises.
Jessica P.
President, 606 Digital
Sales have increased each month since the client began working with VisualFizz. Their skilled approach makes the engagement seamless. Their regular communication is also a highlight.
Brian B.
Managing Partner, Goodman's Barber Lounge
In one year of using the new tool, online donations doubled and the giving season lasted months longer. VisualFizz impressed with their thorough preparation, creative ideas, and diverse technical capabilities. They were clearly committed to delivering an exceptional product.
Janaeth M.
Donor Relations, One Hope United
The presentation went very well and we received several comments on how well it looks. We thank VisualFizz for their help.
Mark C.
Regional Training Manager, Toyota
Growth-Driven, Results Focused
We bring extensive industry experience and creativity to every client project
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