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Technical SEO Strategy Results in a 60% Increases in Organic Traffic

Increased organic traffic by nearly 60%, monthly revenue 43% and click through to affiliates by 45%

Promising to help you find the perfect mattress, is a mattress review website that caters to the needs of any one looking for a better night’s sleep. Their affiliate marketing strategy offers consumers discount codes, product reviews, and valuable insight on how to find the perfect mattress to suit their needs.

Despite the value that provides to the consumer, its visibility on search made it difficult for users to find the website and make a conversion. Fortunately, the team behind turned to VisualFizz for SEO strategy and organic brand management.

Why Brand Visibility Is So Important to Affiliate Marketing Sites

To say the mattress industry is competitive is an understatement. With dozens of brands vying for a share of a 43 billion dollar industry, brands need to constantly improve their visibility if they wish to compete.

Featuring a user-friendly interface, valuable discounts and incredible insight on the latest mattresses and sleep-accessories, had very little problem converting users into customers once they found the website. But therein lies the problem.

The saturation of the market combined with an array of technical website issues made it increasingly difficult for users to find OurSleepGuide on search. That is a critical issue for product review sites that rely on a steady flow of user traffic to win the sponsorship of affiliate brands.

Increase Conversions With SEO Strategy and Brand Management

The partnership between and VisualFizz began with an SEO audit to reveal fundamental issues and opportunities to improve the user experience and functionality of the website.

Technical SEO and Support

From the start of the OurSleepGuide – VisualFizz partnership, one of the primary goals of the project was to address the frequent outages and immediate technical issues plaguing the website such as broken links, mixed content, and redirect loops.

In this regard, VisualFizz assumed the role of technical support, where the team provided a consistent rapid response time of less than 10 minutes. These actions not only improved the user experience of the website, but also improved website performance and increased conversions by 57% YoY.

The VisualFizz team also unearthed the root cause of many technical issues by conducting a sitewide plugin assessment, which removed more than 20 plugins, considerably improved website load time, and made the website less susceptible to outages and downtime.

As the technical improvements took affect, OurSleepGuide’s partnership with VisualFizz grew to include:

  • organic brand management,
  • Content guidance, and
  • web design and development.

SEO & On Page Content Strategy

Developing a keyword and on-page content strategy was essential to boost traffic and visibility, as well as revenue.

This is a process of identifying the right keywords that match potential customer search queries, as well as keywords and phrases that help to boost brand awareness. In doing so, VisualFizz is setting up Our Sleep Guide as the best answer and resource for users who are searching for mattresses and mattress related content online.

Our on page strategy included guidance for keywords and phrases, recommendations for headings, titles and meta descriptions, as well as internal linking optimization.

Content Marketing

Prior to VisualFizz’s involvement with the project, the voice and tone of the content published to the website was authoritative, but often lacked the call to action and keywords to entice users to engage and convert.

The content also failed to walk users through the conversion funnel, leading to a significantly high bounce rate. The first step to remedying these issues was to conduct several user research exercises to determine the various steps of their conversion funnel.

Included in the analysis was an outline of the best methods for gathering useful information and creating a user profile, as well as user interviews, contextual inquiries, and usability test results.

The next step was to guide the client with new content (and refresh legacy content) in a voice and tone that not only appealed to new users, but also guided them through the conversion funnel in a way that encouraged them to engage and convert.

User Experience (UX) Improvements

The previous iteration of was clean, modern and well organized. It was easy for new users to navigate the site and find the information they needed. But there was significant room for improvement in terms of content and the website’s layout.

Web Development and Website Redesign

In addition to a content strategy, the VisualFizz team redesigned the website to balance the user experience with technical requirements.

As shown in the above screenshot from the homepage, much of the design and development for was actually a redesign/update of the existing website. These redesign actions include the addition of an updated color scheme to make the website appear modern and “fresh.” Additionally, the styling was adjusted across various elements throughout the website such as typography, buttons, images and coupons.

VisualFizz designers and developers also made a range of site improvements including an update of the OurSleepGuide blog, the addition of coupons found on the right hand side of every page, and a Showroom ‘pop out’ box above the coupons, and the footer.

Organic Social Media Marketing

Organic social media marketing is essential to affiliate marketing sites like OurSleepGuide, because it builds brand awareness and enables marketing teams to gather data that enables them to make smarter marketing decisions.

VisualFizz’s organic social media efforts were focused on Pinterest and two separate paid campaigns to improve reach, gain followers, and increase brand awareness overall. The campaigns also presented a unique opportunity to gather and analyze data for use in the launch of the first brick and mortar OurSleepGuide store.

The data collected from social media was invaluable, as it enabled VisualFizz to provide invaluable insight regarding local audiences which was then used to make future marketing campaigns more effective. These efforts would lead to a 30% increase in site traffic from social media and a 56% improvement to the number of conversions from social media YoY.

Results: Impact to

Monthly revenue for Our Sleep Guide increased 43.74% by January 2021 compared to January 2020.

Clicks through to affiliates increased by 45.08% in January 2021 compared to January 2020.

Comparing the same time periods, January 2021 vs January 2020 a number of key metrics improved:

  • Users increased by 76.20%
  • New Users increased similarly by 76.65%,
  • Sessions increased by 67.50%
  • Pageviews increased by 47.66%

Within the affiliate mattress keywords, the domain moved into the top 20 for multiple affiliate brand keywords as a result of our work together.

  • Latex mattress reviews +52
  • Purple pillow review +45
  • Casper mattress reviews +32
  • Saatva mattress +36 and includes a video in SERPs
  • Saatva mattress reviews +39 and includes a video in SERPs

Client Feedback: What It’s Like Working With VisualFizz

The partnership between OurSleepGuide and VisualFizz was a success because it achieved the goal of improving brand awareness and making it easier for users to find and navigate the website. To really understand the value of the partnership, however, you need to ask the customer. Below is an excerpt from a client-testimonial by the Founder of OurSleepGuide, Crystal Roberts.

VisualFizz has been very consistent with their improvements… We’ve definitely seen upward trends with them. They have helped improve our site speed and made certain pages faster and more user-friendly. Overall, they’ve improved our site.

VisualFizz also increased conversions and improved website traffic via a combination of strategic improvements to technical SEO strategies, web development, and organic social media traffic.

Though we can’t promise the same results as the OurSleepGuide project, we can promise that you will be satisfied with the outcome of your partnership with VisualFizz. If you manage a website; need to increase conversions or improve traffic to your website, then contact VisualFizz for a consultation today.

Our Sleep Guide

About is an online and in store mattress resource providing the best, unbiased reviews of mattresses and bed accessories on the market. Their mission is to help people sleep better and save money while they do it. If you are in Texas and looking for a place to test online mattresses, has multiple showrooms located in the Austin and Houston areas.
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