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Complex Front-End and Back-End WordPress Development for Large Brand Website

Advanced Wordpress web development and plugin creation brings over 3000 multi-lingual data sheets to a company's customers.

Selig Sealing Corp. is a global leader in high-quality sealing and packaging solutions. The brand offers a comprehensive range of reliable, innovative, and quality sealing and packaging products.

After a review of the brand’s website, a redesign and website redevelopment was needed to provide compelling and robust user experiences. As always, the expert web designers and WordPress developers at VisualFizz were ready to get to work.

The primary driver for direct customers visiting the website was not the product or sales pages, but the product selection guide that displayed which Selig products were compatible with the package that they needed to fill or seal.

The website was using MySQL database, SalesForce CRM and ActOn for marketing automation. Selig put time and effort into new product development, and innovation, but there was still a clear need for functionality that would automate the download of datasheets.

Partnership With VisualFizz

With so many different sealing products in its portfolio, it was becoming difficult for Selig users to find the product they wanted in the language needed. Beyond that, the website has stayed stagnant with minimal design updates for nearly a decade. Thus, the Selig – VisualFizz partnership began with a question – how to ensure the usability of over 3000 multilingual data sheets?

The solution was the creation of a linear selection guide (enhanced PDF management system) to enhance usability and provide logged in users with download access to the datasheets they need.

VisualFizz would also provide WordPress website development and content that would satisfy user requirements, including:

  • Mobile friendly / responsive design
  • Multilingual translations
  • Integration with: Act-On, Google Analytics, SSO, Moodle, and Salesforce,
  • Cookie notice / GDPR compliance,
  • Complex product selection guide and search functionality,
  • Account registration, and
  • Gated content user downloads

Website Redesign and Homepage Refresh

Prior to VisualFizz’s involvement, Selig’s website could hardly manage the thousands of multilingual product data sheets made available to customers. Users would come to the site looking for a specific data sheet, but they’d leave frustrated with the usability of the data sheet selection guide.

It was clear that something had to be done to manage thousands of datasheets and provide greater usability. Thus, work began with a global sitemap recommendation for content organization across regional websites.

Next in line for an update was the User Area. Improvements here include the creation of a basic account registration/login portal that allows new users to create an account and verify subscription to Selig Sealing communications. VisualFizz developers also created:

  • a product selection guide and search system;
  • account-protected downloads for products, regulatory certifications, and S&H documents;
  • “collections” that enables users to download an entire datasheet collection at once;
  • associate IDs to downloaded datasheets
  • portal for users to quickly connect with Selig sales contact.

Linear Selection Guide

The result of that effort is the much cleaner, much easier to use Selig Liner Selection Guide that enables Selig users to quickly and easily find any datasheet they want in the language they need.

Translation Services

One of the largest aspects of the Selig – VisualFizz partnership was the creation of an enhanced PDF management plug-in to bring order to the 3,000+ multi-lingual data sheets Selig makes available to its customers.

The WordPress Multilingual plug-in was built into the new global .com, utilizing a translation service to translate new or pre-written pages. We also included basic translation services to ensure content was displayed correctly and SEO was not negatively affected.

Homepage and Landing Pages Refresh

In addition to the creation of the Linear Selection Guide and translation services, the Selig – VisualFizz partnership also included a redesign of the homepage and all landing pages to make them more responsive and support Selig’s updated branding and tagline. Programing and QA included:

  • WordPress CMS templates for global .com with considerations for regional language selection.
  • Full implementation of frontend/backend development, scripting, database and server setup.
  • Global analytics and tracking setup and testing.

Maintenance Services

It was extremely important that the Selig team be able to update and maintain the newly-refreshed website moving forward. Therefore, in addition to the full transfer of the site, we also provided:

  • training to the Selig employees tasked with sites upkeep;
  • updates to WordPress Core, including content management system, including plug-ins and themes;
  • additional Quality Assurance in the event of Browser, Operating Systems or Device updates and overall compatibility;
  • assistance with Client user access and accounts, and
  • assistance with recovery of website files from backups.

Result: An Easier Way for Customers to Find What They Need

The end result of the Selig – VisualFizz partnership is the new and improved, and the linear selection guide. Now Selig’s increasingly diverse user base can browse Selig’s 3000+ product lineup and find the datasheet they want in the language they need. Most importantly, VisualFizz provided the Selig team with the tools and information they needed to update the linear selection guide as new products and datasheets become available.

Did you like what you read here? Contact VisualFizz today to see what our web development and design services can do for your business.



Selig Sealing is a manufacturer of seal closures that seal food, beverage and pharmaceutical containers for household brands such as Pepsi, Advil, and many other notable brands.
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