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Complete Go-To-Market Strategy for Software Startup Your Deal Source

VisualFizz partnered with Your Deal Source to deliver brand strategy, advertising, social media, ux design, content copywriting, and technical website support.

VisualFizz partnered with Your Deal Source, a marketplace that connects experienced consultants and business owners, to deliver brand strategy, advertising, social, content, and technical web support.

Your Deal Source approached VisualFizz with a mission to bring a new B2B consultant-to-business marketplace to life. VisualFizz provided multi-channel branding and marketing support, from initial concepting and UX design to website development, from brand positioning and content creation to PPC and social media advertising.

Marketing Services rendered include:

Together, the greater Your Deal Source and VisualFizz team launched a go-to-market strategy to gain brand recognition, drive traffic and awareness, and convert users into customers.

Building a B2B Brand from Scratch

YDS visualfizz marketing agency case study

As a new concept with no existing brand presence, Your Deal Source first needed to define itself as a brand in the consulting space, then educate its audiences on why they should care about the technology Your Deal Source offers.

Initial branding research revealed that Your Deal Source should be targeting two specific audiences as its ideal customer base. Audience targeting groups included:

  1. Experienced Consultants: CMO’s, COO’s, and other C-suite consultants accepting new clients into their portfolios
  2. Business Owners: Business owners and brand managers on the hunt for top-tier, experienced C-Suite talent and executive consultants

After defining these core audiences, VisualFizz developed a strategic marketing plan to address the goals and values for each. VisualFizz’s next challenge was now to drive as many qualified members of each audience as possible to the website, which was currently underway.

Market Research and Competitive Landscape

Together, the greater Your Deal Source and VisualFizz teams delved deeper into the competitive data and metrics available from other 2-sided B2B marketplace brands. The largest and most well-known competitors included brands like Upwork, Toptal, and other platforms connecting consultants and businesses.

The team’s analyses discovered the top software features and expectations from the varying audiences, which were used as selling points on the website and in leave-behinds and other marketing materials. Tried-and-true market research tactics, such as SWOT analyses, surveys, and user testing, allowed VisualFizz to determine key features and connection points that should be included in the user flow.

Research showed that careful vetting processes, high standards of quality requirements, and a narrowed-down list of industry coverage were all key success factors for Your Deal Source’s ideal audiences.

Bringing the Brand to Market

After defining the brand, designing the ideal User Experience (UX), and establishing the brand’s positioning in the consultant software space, VisualFizz’s next step included building “hype” and awareness for the brand, driving traffic to the newly-launched WordPress site, and establishing the connections between consultants and business partners.

First, well-researched and competitively-positioned landing page copy was written and published on the website. Next, growth marketing strategies that focused on in-person events and real-world business connections were created and enacted.

To bring the brand to market and launch Your Deal Source, VisualFizz established a paid media strategy that incorporated both social media and paid search advertising strategies. VisualFizz targeted tightly-grouped, niched-down audience demographics to ensure the budget targeted the most valuable users possible.

Landing Page UX Design, Content Strategy and Copywriting

User Experience and landing page design deliverables were the first on the docket, with a goal of creating a series of landing pages that would be used for ongoing marketing purposes.

View full sized examples of UX Design for Your Deal Source on Behance.

Each page on the Your Deal Source landing page played a critical role in the conversion funnel. For this reason, intensive keyword research guided the copywriting process. VisualFizz understood the importance of landing page copywriting that was delivered quickly, but also served a marketing purpose. Similar copy was provided for social media profiles and advertising copy to ensure a consistent brand voice across all channels.

Growth Marketing with an In-Person Event Focus

Your Deal Source’s audiences were tired of the grind of Upwork and similar websites and were more interested in establishing real-world relationships and long term relationships. By focusing on growth marketing efforts that would have the largest immediate payoff, such as in-person events and real-world business conversations, Your Deal Source saw brand awareness growth that was genuine and consisted of real leads.

Paid Social Media Advertising Campaign on LinkedIn

Paid social media strategy for Your Deal Source focused on building brand awareness and driving qualified social users to the landing page that best suited their needs. Given the B2B nature of the Your Deal Source brand, LinkedIn was the primary social advertising platform.

To mirror the two-sided business model, VisualFizz built and launched two sets of ad campaigns to target consultants and businesses separately. Business owners searching for consulting support saw one set of ad copy and creative that lead to a landing page just for business owners, while tenured consultants saw a different set of ad copy and creative that lead to a landing page specifically written for marketing consultants.

B2B Linkedin Campaign Results

The client’s Linkedin campaign resulted in valuable impressions, informative engagements, strong Click-Through-Rates, and increases to leads generated.

  • +400,000 Impressions from targeted Linkedin users
  •  +600 Clicks to the lead forms from Linkedin (very narrow audience targets)
  • 18% average CTR to landing page
  • < $5 Costs per Click

Other LinkedIn campaign performance analyses found:

  • Top performing audience demographics included Job Seniority: Senior , Director, Owner, Job Function: Business Development and Operations
  • The best performing ad design featured color with the CTA “Get Qualified Leads Today”
  • The winning messaging combinations focused on connecting business owners with specific skills as well as taking the guesswork out of finding new clients

Recommendations for future campaigns include optimizing creative via A/B testing; focusing on job titles and seniorities for targeted audiences; retargeting website visitors; and promoting discounts or free trials to increase conversions. Retargeting strategies were also recommended.

Paid Search PPC Campaign on Google Ads

Even with social media campaigns driving brand awareness, Your Deal Source wanted to target both audiences when they were searching for their needs on search engines. VisualFizz knows that Paid Search advertising, specifically advertising on Google Ads, is one of the best ways to target the most valuable users near the bottom of the conversion funnel.

Competitive research once again became critical, allowing VisualFizz to create informed and extremely-targeted campaigns structured for success. Due to the limited ad budget and the newness of the freshly-established brand, VisualFizz recommended a PPC strategy that focused only on Google Ads, and targeted two main audience categories of talent and businesses, Sales and Marketing, for the initial launch.

Visualfizz recommended a multi-part rollout plan, with finding top consulting talent as the top priority conversion.

Google Ads PPC Campaign Performance

Metrics from the first half-month were encouraging, with a 5.11% CTR and a 38% impression share within the first 30 days of the campaign. Over time, VisualFizz made optimizations and adjustments based on performance to landing pages, paywall structures, keywords used, bidding strategies leveraged, and audience targets.

From Concepting to Launch to Performance Marketing

Through growth marketing tactics that focused on in-person events and real world experiences, LinkedIn campaigns targeting two distinct audiences, and Google Ads campaigns tailored to Sales and Marketing consultants and Business Owners, VisualFizz was able to deliver a full go-to market strategy for the software startup in a condensed 90 day timeframe.

Launch Your Brand with VisualFizz

Whether an established company or an emerging brand, VisualFizz partners with growth-stage companies that are ready to see performance and reach new heights. Contact the branding and marketing experts at VisualFizz today.

Your Deal Source


Your Deal Source is a two-sided marketplace for consultants and business owners to connect and work together. Consultants are thoroughly vetted before they become a Trusted Advisor, so Business Members can wholly trust the advice and guidance they receive.
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