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Branding and Design for Major Food Company

Beautiful branding capturing Millennials and Gen-Xers through social channels, in-store displays and POS assets

Overview of The CPG Brand

The current branding of Topco Culinary Tours relies on bringing an international food experience to the dinner table. The goal of this campaign is to convey a message of authenticity & real ingredients sourced from around the world. The challenge was explaining those benefits simply, concisely, and beautifully through the use of strong design elements and messaging.

Design and Branding Partnership with VisualFizz

Topco came to VisualFizz with the goal of creating comprehensive brand messaging and creative marketing material that resonates with Millennial and Gen-X shoppers on Social and Digital channels, In-Store Displays, and POS assets.

A Custom Design Solution

To create new branding that resonates with the chosen demographic (Millennial and Gen-X shoppers) VisualFizz’s design team created branding material that stood out on store shelves and piqued the interest of new shoppers while maintaining the strong branding power that Culinary Tours has already established with current shoppers.

This included high-level, brand-focused design such as digital banner ads, website header, as well as featured and print ads. The VisualFizz design team also created branding material on the product and category-levels such as social media posts and POS Materials.

By creating a library of comprehensive brand messaging, and creative marketing material, VisualFizz produced two key benefits to Topco. We reinforced Topco’s existing branding and conveyed a full breadth of available products in a way that demonstrates the values that Topco brings to the consumer, including:

  • Authentic Dishes and Food Items
  • Culturally-Rooted Ingredients and Flavor Experiences
  • A Worldly Food Experience, Right At Home
  • An Emotional Response To Food
  • A Flavor Experience that is new and familiar

Most importantly, however, was delivering the message through TopCo-branded marketing materials to the target demographic of “a truly authentic & memorable culinary experience that Topco Culinary Tour shoppers can enjoy from their homes.”

Building A Complete Design and Brand Strategy

VisualFizz branding campaigns are designed to connect with your target audience on an emotional level.

Finding the right voice is critical. Topco required extremely specific user personas to help our design team identify which audiences will be most attuned to our messaging.

Our focus was on shoppers who crave to tell their stories through the food products they buy and the flavors they seek out. These shoppers love to prepare authentic meals and seek out adventure in the cuisine they bring home to their tables.

To pique the interest of Millennial and Gen-X shoppers, VisualFizz produced branded messaging that focused on bringing real authentic cuisine from around the world to the dinner table.

Topco preferred a healthy, excited, and friendly voice with a trustworthy corporate tone. VisualFizz’s primary goal was to create comprehensive brand messaging & creative marketing material that resonates with Millennial consumers on Social and Digital channels, In-Store Displays, and POS assets. The new branding does more than resonate with the target demographic; it demonstrates the values that Culinary Tours brings to the dinner table.

The Result?

Beautiful branding that could be displayed throughout grocery stores around the nation to catch the eyes of shoppers and bring authentic flavors from around the world right to the tables of shoppers.



Topco is a Fortune 500 food conglomerate that brings premium world-inspired foods to the grocery aisle. From organics and specialty foods to cost-conscious groceries, useful household items, pet products, and value food products, Topco manages and procures member brands for virtually every type of grocery shoppers crave.

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