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Marketing for Worldwide Dental Manufacturer

400% increase in social engagement, 45% increase in social channel followers, 30% higher inbound traffic YOY

The Problem

This brand needed to amp up their social media presence to increase awareness of their niche brand.

The Solution

Created a content calendar for organic social posts and defined targeted audiences for paid social media to increase engagement and ensure marketing dollars were spent wisely.

The Result

  • + 400% increase in Social Engagement YoY
  • + 45% increase in social channel followers
  • + 30% increase in message reach YoY

The Social Media Project – A Deeper Look

A dental instrument manufacturing brand could easily fall into a stale, monotonous brand voice that lacks personality and makes its community members’ eyes glaze over.  Not this company, however. Despite the somewhat dry nature of their business, the brand sparkles with personality and maintains a friendly, cheerful persona. Colorful branding, a well-maintained blog, and cheerful voice all contribute to create a community resource attractive to dental professionals.

This dental manufacturing company also regularly creates sponsored content for the branded blog, and they frequently feature well-known dental leaders on a video blog. Despite their cultivated brand presence, the company struggled to attract the engagement they wanted from their social media marketing platforms. In order to improve and increase their social media offerings and grow their community, this brand partnered with the VisualFizz social media team.

Enterprise Social Media Partnership with VisualFizz

VisualFizz offered its extensive social media expertise in both organic and paid strategies, including organic social media calendar with daily postings on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, organic community management across all channels, offline media campaigns with a goal of social media action, Facebook advertising, advanced Facebook targeting, Linkedin advertising, Facebook retargeting, and Linkedin retargeting. Social media growth and audience growth was also a large component of the project, to ensure that the brand wasn’t wasting ad dollars targeting the same audience.

Social Media Management by VisualFizz

Strong social media engagement is achieved through consistently-posted quality content and a strong community presence. While this brand has many ongoing media campaigns, they lacked consistency and organization in posting schedules to their channels.

Even though the brand was doing exciting things online, like partnering with industry leaders and promoting dental students’ education, the brand shared these exciting things sporadically and inconsistently, which limited the brand’s reach and impression base online. The brand maintained a large social audience of more than 500,000 dental professionals, which presented an excellent opportunity to improve their low engagement rates by connecting more deeply with this audience. VisualFizz first worked to create an amplified, consistent strategy for organic social, with multiple posts per channel per day. It was imperative to the VisualFizz team to deliver each month’s completed social media calendar 1-2 months in advance of the coming month. It was also critical that the content calendar deliverables allowed for a wide variety of content posting that encompassed the entirety of this manufacturing company’s content library.

Then, our team developed a social calendar theme for each day of the week, which helped to circulate fresh content regularly and helped the social audiences to know what to expect from the brand. By breathing new life into existing blogs, video blogs, ebooks, whitepapers, podcasts, and other existing branded content, the audience could be more engaged on deeper, emotional levels.

Goals of these social media strategies included increased engagement across all channels, higher click-through-rates to optimized landing pages, and continual increases in follower base. Social media traffic was sent to optimized landing pages, webinars, or email membership lists.

The marketers at VisualFizz were able to organize and create content plans with existing content, as well as create new, exciting, and engaging social posts. A combination of industry news, video content, industry humor, and organic social media posts kept fans coming back to check the page again and again. VisualFizz also monitored the page to engage with fans and address questions in real time.

The Results

400% Increase in Engagement

By implementing a unique content curation strategy coupled with exciting new posts, VisualFizz helped this brand increase their audience engagement by over 400% across all channels. Twitter and Instagram saw the largest organic growth.

45% Increase in Followers

By monitoring and testing social variables like posting time, content, key words, and images used, VisualFizz helped the brand gain a steady 45% increase in their organic social media follower base. Instagram and Twitter saw the largest increases in follower base.

30% Higher Inbound Traffic

Through a combination of boosted/paid strategies and organic social media growth strategies, VisualFizz drove 30% more traffic to this brand’s optimized landing pages. This allowed the company to cookie and then retarget visitors and to learn more about what type(s) of content resonate with the audience.

What the Client Had to Say

“The company I was working for brought on VisualFizz for some additional help with social media. My experience with the team was fantastic! They helped us organize our content calendar and even introduced us with 3rd party tools that help streamline our social media process. The value that they added to our social media strategy was tremendous!”

Additional Strategy + Support from the VisualFizz team

  • Best Practice documentation shared across the company
  • Branding Guidance for the overall brand across all digital and analog channels
  • Image creation for social strategies
  • Ideation for offline engagement and branded mailers
  • SEO consulting as needed
  • Advanced reporting and PPT creation for shareholder meetings

Total Social Branding

Through careful social media content planning and real-time community management, as well as experience in managing healthcare social media campaigns, VisualFizz was able to amp up this dental manufacturing company’s social media marketing strategy to deliver impressive engagement metrics to provide flexibility in marketing to a niche customer base, in both Chicago and international markets.

Leading B2B Dental Manufacturer


This Chicago company manufactures a variety of dental instruments and equipment and sells to dental practices both around the country and the world. In addition to maintaining strong B2B relationships, they maintain a large social community of dentists, oral hygienists, and dental professionals at all stages of their careers. This Chicago dental manufacturer takes pride in delivering a library of webinars, ebooks, informational videos, doctor partnerships, and other helpful content to support the community’s ongoing education within the dental field, regardless of their level of experience and/or education.

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