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User-Friendly Website Design & Development for Tech Company

VisualFizz designs and develops an advanced website that connects businesses and contractors.

Paperwork Pros, Inc. is a technology company that provides a niche platform marketplace for businesses and freelancers, helping both to create documentation and process flow Paperworks Pro reached out to VisualFizz to assist with the creation of a functional and easy-to-use website with a beautiful UX design.

VisualFizz designed and built a custom WordPress website to serve the needs of both the businesses and freelancers connected to the platform on time and on schedule.

About Paperwork Pros

Based in Oak Brook, IL, a suburb of Chicago. Paperwork Pros offers two products that are both related to the no-code software industry:

Forms2Docs – a document configuration software that helps businesses quickly and easily configure and generate important documents (proposals, agreements, inspections, etc.).

No-Code Developers – a niche platform marketplace site where businesses can find qualified no-code developers to work on projects.

Paperwork Pros has always been closely tied to the No-Code industry. Prior to focusing 100% on Forms2Docs and No-Code Developers products, Paperwork Pros developed software applications for customers using no-code platforms. During this period of the company, they delivered several projects using Google AppSheet. This real-world experience as a no-code software development shop makes them keenly aware of the benefits and challenges businesses and developers see when working with no-code technology. In other words, they know what it feels like to walk in their customers’ shoes and have the experience to act as trusted advisors.

Paperwork Pros needed help creating a website dedicated to a specific category of developers – those who create websites using a No-Code platform. This website would enable potential employers to post jobs and skilled developers to bid to win jobs.

When designing and developing this website, it was essential to:

  • Facilitate easy registration for both employers and freelancers on the website, and set up Stripe payment accounts where necessary.
  • Enable employers to quickly post jobs for freelancers to view.
  • Allow freelancers to view and bid on jobs.
  • Once a job begins, streamline communication and payments between employers and freelancers.

Web Design and Development with VisualFizz

Paperwork Pros approached VisualFizz with the vital mission of creating a website that facilitates workflow for their products by connecting employers and freelancers. This mission included helping design and develop a WordPress-based website with a pre-existing theme focused on Freelance sites.

However, many custom modules were required to enhance the site per the design specifications. The developers completed most customizations by utilizing PHP code and either modified various theme features and/or modified third-party plugin functionality.

The advanced functionality included adding multiple admin features — such as a communication channel for employers and freelancers, settling disputes, and reporting. In addition to:

  • Implementing a Stripe payment provider API Interface.
  • Ensuring GDPR compatibility.
  • Creating custom database queries for sorting projects, messages, and developer listings.
  • Executing a Zendesk support system API interface.
  • Providing mobile-device compatibility.

Project Managers managed the development effort on, where they added tickets for new custom features and enhancements, as well as quality assurance items.


VisualFizz’s team accomplished the initial objectives, despite several features posing considerable challenges. Among these were interfacing with Stripe and developing a manageable communication system between employers and freelancers. Nevertheless, the team pushed forward, completing these tasks and satisfying the product owner. As a result, the client now has an optimized website equipped to bring businesses and freelancers together. Feel free to reach out if you’d like a functional and user-friendly website for your company.

Contact VisualFizz today to enhance your business with our web design and development services.

Paperwork Pros


Paperwork Pros, Inc. is a veteran-led technology company based outside of Chicago, offering the document configuration software Forms2Docs and a niche platform marketplace called No-Code Developers. Founded by Ron Mouw, a software industry veteran of 20+ years, Paperwork Pros believes that every business has pain that can be alleviated by the right software and partner.

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