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Each VisualFizz project is a unique blend of the marketing services best suited for your brand’s growth.

Digital Marketing
Brand Strategies

Create experiences that engage the senses and convey your message in unforgettable ways. We use data analysis and market knowledge to track and measure your strategy’s effectiveness and reach.

Advertising Campaigns

Paid Search and advertising strategies by VisualFizz include careful analysis, experienced campaign building, and precise copywriting for the most effective ad performance possible.  

Interactive Web
Development & Design

We create campaigns with conversion as a priority. By constantly testing and improving campaigns and designs, we are able to understand customer-behavior in order to increase sales.

Modern Graphic
Design & Media

Your design is your audience’s first impression of you. Stand out from the competition and send the right message with modern design across all digital assets and product designs.

Social Media Advertising & Social Brand Presence

Your brand must be active where your audience is most easily found – their social channels. Ensure your social message is heard by the right audience with a targeted media strategy.

Sustainable Organic SEO & Content Development

Clean, white-hat search engine optimization practices and high quality content strategies ensure that your brand stays relevant and highly visible for your core terms.

Client growth is our goal.

We’re a full-service digital marketing agency that works hard to help your organization grow. Through our digital marketing and physical marketing offerings, our team is able to create a well-rounded campaign that fits your budget and leads to growth.


Successful eCommerce is a mix of incredible product imagery, conversion optimization techniques, experimentation and testing, and data analysis to guide the user through the buying funnel. We implement remarketing tactics and CRO techniques to achieve the strongest possible ROI.


VisualFizz helps brands get visible with high-quality SEO, dominate online with targeted content strategies, and give users answers they’re searching for with PPC advertising.


Lead Generation is a tough beast to beat, but we’ve got the industry know-how to tame it. Social media is a stage to creatively show off wit and industry knowledge, and we help brands turn qualified new visitors into loyal consumers.


Brands stretch out to reach new audiences with effective email growth strategies and high-converting social media ads. Businesses become trusted industry sources with bold branding and meaningful messaging.


Branded visuals and creative are integral to a brand’s identity and branding strategies. Here at VisualFizz, our experienced creative team specializes in capturing the true meaning and persona of your brand.


Our designers are skilled beyond just good design – we deliver creative assets that are optimized to convert and provide an unforgettable user experience.

We create custom digital marketing experiences specifically for your brand.

Video and Photography

Utilizing high quality videography and photography in your campaigns and on your website are what will set you apart from your competitors. 

Local Initiatives & Partnerships

Working with local partners and building relationships is at the forefront of growing a successful brand. Anything from take-overs, events, experiential marketing, and more.

Consultative Services

Sometimes your team needs a marketing boost without the commitment of an entire marketing agency. Chat with us about consultative services.

Out of Home Marketing

Your brand should be present on and off of the screen. With the growth of Out of Home marketing, VisualFizz has partnered with a growing out of home marketing company and can assist with campaign creation.

What is Working With A Digital Marketing Agency Like?


Though the timeline can vary slightly, we like to start off all of our projects with a preliminary on-boarding meeting or phone call. This call will either include the Leadership Team, Project Managers, or all team members that will be part of your project.


Once the entire team is fully aware of their role in the project, we ensure that they feel confident in beginning to plan for next steps and launch. VisualFizz believes in smart planning- this is the concept of being able to utilize time more efficiently within the planning stage by avoiding lengthy, drawn out, expensive ‘ideation’ meetings.


Once we have a strategy planned out, we will work closely with you and your team to ensure that this plan works with your company’s goals. If it does, then we begin implementation. If we were off, we will make sure that we know exactly what we should update so that the plan works with everyone.


Though the timeline can vary slightly, we like to start off all of our projects with a preliminary on-boarding meeting or phone call. This call will either include the Leadership Team, Project Managers, or all team members that will be part of your project.


Once we are at a comfortable place to share what has been completed, we will share our work with you for approval. Unless otherwise discussed, nothing will be implemented, changed, updated, without your consent/approval.


Once the work is approved, we will either pass the work off to you (for example, a one-time deliverable like a content piece) or we will begin the implementation ourselves (for example, SEO strategy, Web Development, PPC campaign, Social Media Calendar, etc.)


Once the project has launched, we will be monitoring and making adjustments throughout the duration of the project timeline. We do not believe in the concept of set and forget.


Throughout the project, we will be working off of a reporting calendar (may not apply to all work). If we are not committed to monthly reporting for this particular project, then we will still be having check-ins to discuss the project, any updates, next steps, goals, etc.


Once the project is complete, we will discuss our learnings and next steps. We will get ready for our next campaign!

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"The presentation went very well and we received several comments on how well it looks. We thank VisualFizz for their help."
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Mark Chandaria
"Online leads doubled and the season lasted months longer. VisualFizz impressed with their thorough preparation, creative ideas, and diverse technical capabilities. They were clearly committed to delivering an exceptional product."
Janaeth Markaj

We create marketing experiences
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VisualFizz is a digital marketing agency partner that helps brands grow. From small to mid-sized businesses looking to expand their current offerings to corporate and enterprise brands looking to outsource their full marketing departments, the Marketing, Branding, and Search experts at VisualFizz are here to help.