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Branding & Custom Website for a New Environmental Firm

VisualFizz developed the visual identity and a new website for Sustene Global, a women-owned advisory and capital firm focused on sustainability.

Sustene Global is a dynamic new environmental advisory and capital firm. The company’s goal is to empower companies, governments, and executives to meet and exceed their economic and net-zero goals—and to help build a sustainable future.

VisualFizz partnered with Sustene Global to help expand the new firm’s reach through an improved online presence, better promotion of sustainability-focused services, and enhanced brand recognition and reputation.

This case study covers the following services provided by VisualFizz:

The Challenge

As a brand new firm, Sustene Global’s brand and online persona was a blank canvas. VisualFizz’s team of branding experts, designers, and developers jumped at the chance to create a brand presence from scratch. However, the team needed to balance best-in-class marketing outputs with extreme efficiency to meet the client’s aggressive timeline.

The VisualFizz Solution

To meet strict deadlines and leave room for future growth and updates, VisualFizz developed a concise set of elements that reflect the Sustene Global brand and speak to the firm’s target audiences. These elements include:

  • Brand logo
  • PowerPoint Template
  • Basic brand guide
  • Minimum viable product (MVP) website

VisualFizz project managers worked closely with the Sustene Global team to keep the project on time while producing beautiful, effective work.

Branding and Custom Website Creation for Sustene Global

After onboarding the client to confirm timelines and personnel, the VisualFizz team wasted no time in diving into the creative work.

Logo Design

VisualFizz began with a discovery session with Sustene Global to understand their desired brand identity, target audience, and unique value proposition. The VisualFizz design team then began exploring potential creative styles and developed a handful of initial logo concepts for client feedback.

After round one, VisualFizz refined the logo, including the icon and wordmark, and developed a final version for approval. The finished logo is distinctive, clean, and brand-appropriate. It follows design best practices and will help to solidify the foundation of the Sustene Global brand.

Design highlights include:

  • The all-caps wordmark makes the overall logo shape more consistent.
  • There is a visually pleasing balance of positive and negative space.
  • The subtle leaf icon subtly speaks to the brand identity in a modern way.

Basic Brand Guidelines, Including Color Palette & Typography

As part of the logo exploration, VisualFizz also iterated on a color palette and typography.

With dark jungle green and white as the lead colors, Sustene Global’s color palette delivers a clean, high-end look. Additional earthy colors—greens and ochres—as well as a bright blue jewel tone, add a visual pop when needed.

VisualFizz chose New Order as the brand’s primary font because it’s professional and readable, offers various weights for functionality, and strikes a pleasant balance between curved and straight lines.

Once the client aligned on the logo, color palette, and typography, VisualFizz created basic brand guidelines that outline the proper usage of these elements.

PowerPoint Template Design

PowerPoint templates are table stakes when it comes to creating assets for a brand. VisualFizz created a visually appealing PowerPoint deck that is easy to read, flexible in format, and consistent with the new brand look and feel.

The 11-page deck VisualFizz provided runs the gamut from a bold title slide to team slides that allow for personality to statistics-driven slides with eye-catching visuals to pull quote slides for added impact.

Design highlights include:

  • Extremely polished and professional
  • Subtle background textures and graphical elements add interest without being busy
  • Solidifies the brand identity and dovetails with logo, typography, and color palette work

Website Design and Development

VisualFizz set out to design and develop a one-page MVP website with a clear value proposition, simple navigation, and a responsive design that looks great on all devices.

Sustene Global did not have an existing website, so the VisualFizz team designed and developed the site from scratch. The client provided the content, and VisualFizz offered strategic guidance on what to include.

In addition to the MVP website, VisualFizz also designed and developed a straightforward Coming Soon page to serve as a stopgap until the official launch date.


VisualFizz was designed with simplicity in mind, but the team also included high-quality imagery and color variations to keep the site from looking too plain. The final version of the one-page site follows a clear hierarchy and reflects the new brand identity.


VisualFizz built a custom WordPress theme to fit the client’s precise needs. Benefits of a custom WordPress theme include:

  • Allows for an intuitive content management system (CMS) interface
  • Optimized for speed
  • Easy to maintain and change

In addition, VisualFizz created a contact form that sends submissions to the client via email. To ensure email deliverability, VisualFizz integrated the SendGrid service.

The VisualFizz team also added basic SEO plugins and ensured that the page was indexable.

PageSpeed Metrics

The Sustene Global website achieved great PageSpeed Insights scores. The following metrics are the result of creating a custom WordPress theme and developing it with accessibility and SEO at the forefront.

  • Performance
    • 87 mobile
    • 99 desktop
  • Accessibility
    • 90 mobile and desktop
  • Best Practices
    • 100 mobile and desktop
  • SEO
    • 92 mobile
    • 91 desktop

Sustene Global was extremely pleased with VisualFizz’s branding and web development work and will continue to partner with us as their brand grows.

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Sustene Global


Sustene Global is a global environmental advisory and capital firm. Proudly women-owned, the firm empowers companies, governments, and leaders to achieve their economic and net-zero goals. Sustene Global’s team of advisors provides strategic guidance in sectors including sustainability, energy, resiliency, and smart ecosystems. Sustene Global’s goal is to ​​ harness today’s technology to solve tomorrow’s issues.

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