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We empower industry-leading brands to maximize their growth potential with effective full-service marketing strategies and custom-tailored-campaigns.

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Marketing doesn’t happen in a bubble. Hire a team that understands well-developed full-service marketing.

When you work with VisualFizz, you work with a passionate and motivated team of experts who built their careers around implementing the perfect well-rounded marketing campaigns custom developed for your organization.

We built a reputation around creating marketing campaigns by thinking analytically, focusing on data-driven metrics, and applying human psychology. Our approach to digital marketing lets us focus on your business growth so that you can focus on what you do best.

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Implementing marketing strategies for construction, manufacturing, and industrial organizations.
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Helping technology companies continue to innovate, grow, and expand their offerings.
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Spaces (Real Estate)
Growth and marketing campaign development focused on the ever-changing real estate industry.
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Health and Wellness
Fueling health and wellness through awareness and conversion-driven marketing campaigns.
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High quality marketing experiences that bring customers and guests constantly coming back.
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Marketing assistance for organizations that focus on a more positive and impactful future.
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eCommerce and Product Sales
Digitally-driven campaigns that increase sales and grow product awareness.
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Cities and Communities
Municipal, community, and organizational marketing campaigns that help improve local economies.
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Client Partnerships

  • cove.tool
  • Smithsonian Institution
  • Frain Industries
  • Midwestern University
  • Sweed
  • TMA
  • Vapur
  • Christian Brothers Services
  • Sketchers
  • Road Runner Transportation Systems
  • Colony Display
  • mHUB
  • Ivy Hall
  • Illinois Holocaust Museum
  • Rose Paving
  • Toyota
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Our Services

Each VisualFizz project is a unique blend of the marketing services best suited for your brand's growth.
Social Media
Growing audience communities and engaging in meaningful ways on social media channels.
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PPC and Paid Search
VisualFizz runs PPC and CPC-based campaigns on Google Ads, Bing Ads, Display, and other SEM channels for both B2B and B2C audiences.
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Developing stunning, functional, and memorable web and mobile experiences for our clients.
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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Improving brand visibility on search engines and building up a longterm reputation online with SEO.
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Creative Design and UX
VisualFizz delivers unforgettable visual assets, creative design, and User Experiences (UX) to our client brands.
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VisualFizz connects effective branding strategies with fresh, creative design to build, establish, and grow brands.
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We deliver content and copywriting that's SEO-friendly, Sales-focused, and Conversion-centered.
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Strategic, Customized Media Planning and Media Campaign Execution by VisualFizz
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We love our clients.
Full-Service Marketing Strategy
Rose Paving
"VisualFizz's years of dedication has significantly enhanced our brand overall, which in turn helps grow our business and capture more leads."
Growth YoY Since 2019
Increase in User Engagement
Surge in Conversion Rate from Increased Form Submissions
Increase in Link Clicks Leading to the Website
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Website and Landing Page Development Build
American Cancer Society
"Their humbleness, good-nature, willingness to collaborate always, technical skills, and creativity impressed us."
Responsive Microsite
Delivered in Record Time
Dynamic Design
Created Custom User Experience
Sophisticated Development
Custom Features Per Client Specifications
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Scriptwriting, Design, Animation, and Talent Sourcing
Illinois Holocaust Museum
"We ended with a beautifully animated spot that captures attention and matched the tone we were looking for. They were amenable to our requests for edits to initial drafts and they were respectful of our deadlines."
Video Production for Live TV Commercials
Brand Representation Through Video Ads
Management Processes to Meet Tight Deadlines
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Branding and Creative Design + UX
Ivy Hall
"The website looks terrific, and the social media marketing and design support continue to be ongoing. We're even looking at adding more workstreams to VisualFizz from other agencies because they've been so incredible."
Scaled Growth
Instituted a Full-Scale Launch Strategy
Bold Design
to Capture Attention of Consumers
Open Rate from Successful Email Campaign
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PPC, Paid Social, and Branding
GG Leagues
"VisualFizz was extremely invested in our company which is unique to find from agencies. We felt they cared about us and the outcomes of our business."
Increase Link Clicks Leading to The Website
Paid Search Strategy
Decreased Cost Per Lead by 97%
Consistent Branding
Established a Strong Customer Base
Better Visuals
Created Enhanced Experience for Brand
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Branding, Creative Design + UX, and Marketing Strategy
Prairie Materials
VisualFizz's strategies encompassed fresh branding, organic social media, videography, photography, and local SEO, which elevated and increased Prairie Materials' digital presence.
+7,962% Growth
of Social Media Engagement and +7,965% Link Clicks
Web Traffic Growth from Instagram
Brand Awareness and Credibility
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Videography and Design
Lakeview East Chamber of Commerce
"They work in tight deadlines and are very talented. They listen to their client's needs and develop creative ways to showcase your brand."
Efficient 7-Day
TV Commercial Production
Community Unification
Through Strong Place Marketing
Through Custom-Designed Banners
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Creative Design + UX
The regional Toyota team informed VisualFizz they were very pleased with the look and feel of the presentation, as well as the speed and flexibility of our agency.
Visually Engaging
Product Deck to Sell the Product
Time Management
Completed Creative Deliverables on Tight Schedule
Creative Strategy
Optimized Internal Education Through Clean Design
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Builds, PPC, and Paid Search
TDI Packsys
"Their ability to take complicated data, translate it into digestible information, and make actionable improvements has helped us exponentially. "
952% Increased
242% Growth
in Conversions
503% Decrease
in Cost-Per-Click
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Website Development, Design + UX, and Social Media
ReSource Point of Sale
The buzz both companies received via the campaign, plus the learnings they gained about their audience, was incredibly valuable. Overall, this was a successful cross-brand campaign.
+200% Increase
In Website Visitors
Higher ROI from Optimizations
Key Audiences
Identified For Future Campaigns
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Growth-Driven, Results Focused
We bring extensive industry experience and creativity to every client project
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Mastering Project Management: A Guide from VisualFizz
Project management is a vital aspect of any successful marketing endeavor, and at VisualFizz, we pride ourselves on our effective project management practices. In a recent discussion, team members Dan...
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What is the Metaverse Today and in the Future
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The Best Landing Pages for NonProfit Fundraising
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8 Biggest International Shopping Holidays of the Year
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VisualFizz is Chicago's Digital Marketing Agency

We’re a Chicago creative and digital agency that believes in building marketing campaigns that evoke emotions from those who engage with our clients. We know that when audiences feel connected to a brand in positive ways, it is that much easier to foster that connection through a variety of digital marketing, advertising, and social media channels.

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We’re proud to partner with globally loved brands.
Amazing company to partner with! The team is friendly, communicative, and delivered a tough project ahead of schedule and below budget. Can't say enough praise about their web dev, social, and graphic design skills!
Brian W.
Co-Founder, Ivy Hall
VisualFizz provides top-notch digital marketing, content development, and design services. In addition to the quality of their work, they also provide a lot of valuable feedback and are innovative in their approach. They genuinely care about client success and act as an extension of the company.
Teri K.
Marketing Coordinator, Rose Paving
The presentation went very well and we received several comments on how well it looks. We thank VisualFizz for their help.
Mark C.
Regional Training Manager, Toyota
VisualFizz team's output was phenomenal. They implemented several changes while keeping communication open. They also consistently delivered on time. Customers can expect dedication, commitment, and professionalism from them.
James H.
Marketing Director, American Cancer Society
VisualFizz is a very talented digital agency and we were excited to work with them on a digital campaign to brand our commercial district. They work in tight deadlines and are very talented. They listen to their client's needs and develop creative ways to showcase your brand.
Maureen M.
Executive Director, Lakeview East Chamber of Commerce
We recently completed a huge project where they revamped the Member Search feature. The project was very complex as we needed the search feature to have multiple functionalities. VisualFizz was extremely responsive to our needs, setting up as many meetings as necessary and working within our limited budget and time frame for completion of the project. They were at an extreme disadvantage as our previous vendor did not provide thorough documentation on the back end of our website. VisualFizz simultaneously built out the Search feature while creating documentation on our site for future projects. We are very happy with the end results.
Shea S.
Chief Administrative Officer, Counselors of Real Estate
VisualFizz impressed us right away. The team was super helpful in the consideration process, answering many technical questions in detail that we didn’t get from anyone else. It never felt like they were going for a hard sell, they just let their knowledge speak for itself. We started our work with them with a pretty major project and they pulled off our vision for it precisely, incorporating all of our feedback along the way. Working with them was a much more collaborative experience than any other agency I’ve worked with - even more collaborative than some in-house designers and web developers I’ve worked with! VisualFizz really feels like working with an extension of our team.
Alyssa B.
Manager of Digital Communications, Counselors of Real Estate
The company I was working for brought on VisualFizz for some additional help with social media. My experience with the team was fantastic! They helped us organize our content calendar and even introduced us with 3rd party tools that help streamline our social media process. The value that they added to our social media strategy was tremendous!
Andrea M.
Social Media Marketing Coordinator, Hu-Friedy
The team at VisualFizz is top-notch, professional, and competent. They've worked with us to build a marketplace platform atop WordPress. We've found them to be insightful when reviewing, fleshing-out, and implementing requirements. The work VisualFizz delivered showed their experience, including general technical acumen, app optimization, creativity, and UI/UX awareness. We look forward to continuing our business relationship with them as our marketplace matures!
Chris D.
Co-Founder, Paperwork Pros
I absolutely love working with Visual Fizz. We have worked on countless projects together that always turn out amazing. They are a top-notch Chicago marketing agency that puts their clients first, and builds the necessary relationship from inception. And if you ask me, there's nothing more important than cultivating a great relationship through the door.
DiVinci S.
Founder, 2123 Visuals
VisualFizz is fantastic to work with. They are communicative, responsive, and meet all expectations. The team helped the client increase their user growth within a few months with a quick and responsive workflow. VisualFizz was extremely invested in our company which is unique to find from agencies. We felt they cared about us and the outcomes of our business.
Kevin O.
COO, GG Leagues
Our experience with VisualFizz has been absolutely top notch. Their friendly and professional team has helped us successfully target prospective customers, ultimately leading to increased sales. Their ability to take complicated data, translate it into digestible information, and make actionable improvements has helped us exponentially. We cannot say enough wonderful things about VisualFizz and their entire team.
Kira L.
Marketing Director, TDI Packsys
We increased our Google ads impression share exponentially, and our organic traffic increased as well.
Sara B.
Director of Non-Profit, Courageous Hearts Adoption
Our Values
How is VisualFizz different than other Marketing and Branding Agencies?
We consider your brand’s full marketing potential when we offer advisement and direction. We don’t just focus on one corner of the web – that’s not our style.
We value efficiency. We go to great lengths to automate inefficient tasks, keep meetings brief, and keep the costs of running our agency low. You pay for quality output and expertise, and that’s what you’ll get.
We don’t just yell the loudest. It’s critical that your brand is represented in an effective way that drives audiences to share, take action, or purchase. That’s the way we create profitable, long-term customer-relationships.

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