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VisualFizz Helps Client Improve CTR by 952% and Decrease Monthly Costs With PPC Marketing

Industrial Equipment Provider Improves Lead Gen with VisualFizz PPC Support

TDI Packsys is an industry leader in industrial equipment focused on the food and beverage production sector. They came to VisualFizz expecting to launch and grow several PPC campaigns. What they didn’t expect was the outsized results they would see by working with VisualFizz:

  • 952% average increase to click-through-rate (CTR) YoY,
  • 242% increase in conversions, and
  • 503% average monthly decrease to cost-per-click (CPC).

Initial PPC Audit and Campaign Restructure

Work on the TDI Packsys campaign began with an audit of the business and their existing campaigns to gather a full understanding of their brand, goals, audience, competitors, product, service, strengths, weaknesses and challenges that would inform our PPC solutions.

The audit would reveal the need for a complete restructure of legacy Google and Bing campaigns. The resulting VisualFizz improvements would generate 60+ quality leads and improve conversion rate by a significant margin.

Campaign Restructure and Website Launch

The second phase of the restructure would coincide with the launch of the new and improved website in July of 2021. With the new website launch, the PPC campaign was reevaluated and areas of improvement were outlined. The multifaceted approach would include:

  • newly revamped landing pages with appropriate keywords,
  • new & additional targeted ppc campaigns,
  • new ad groups, and
  • the addition of display advertisements across Google and Bing.

The first three months of the new campaign would yield marked improvements across the board, including an increase of 62% in the CTR, an overall reduction in CPC and an increase of 60% in the overall conversion rate.

Additional Partnership Projects:

The TDI Packsys partnership continues to grow with the addition of supplemental marketing services from VisualFizz, including the development of high quality visual content for both video and photography. TDI Packsys will utilize these high quality content within their new website, social media and sales material. Based on the first experience and results, TDI Packsys will continue to plan regular shoots with the VisualFizz team.

Results: Drastic Improvements Across the Board

The end result of the TDI Packsys-VisualFizz partnership was a completely redefined PPC strategy with additional components including ads, dynamic search, improved landing pages and improved bidding processes.

Most notably, VisualFizz efforts yielded a 952% average increase in CTRs (click through rate), 242% increase in conversions, and a average monthly decrease of 503% in CPC (cost per click).

Why VisualFizz Partnerships Foster Continuous Success

We are happy to report that the partnership between TDI Packsys and VisualFizz continues to this day. Throughout the partnership, their PPC campaigns have grown and supplemental marketing efforts have been made. In addition to the impressive results of the campaigns, we at VisualFizz consider the TDI Packsys partnership to be a success because it yielded a long-lasting relationship with the client.

Though every client partnership is unique, we can promise that you will be satisfied with the outcome of your partnership with VisualFizz. If you manage a website; need to increase conversions or improve traffic to your website, then contact VisualFizz for a consultation today.

TDI Packsys


TDI Packsys is a leader in top-of-the-line machinery utilized by many companies across numerous industries. From inspection machinery to automated packaging equipment solutions, TDI Packsys prides itself on its high-quality and superior standards. TDI Packsys provides customized solutions for some of the most challenging and unique applications and needs for their clients.
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