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Concepting & Creative Design for Entertainment Space

VisualFizz developed a brand style and striking ad concepts for a premier entertainment destination set to launch in 2024.

A major motion picture company came to VisualFizz with an exciting challenge: conceptualize and design a brand style and ads for its upcoming entertainment center, launching in early 2024. Located in a premium shopping center, “Illusionarium” is poised to be the ultimate entertainment destination, boasting delicious food, specialty drinks, thrilling themed activities, and nonstop fun for individuals of all ages.

VisualFizz provided brand concepting and graphic design for this project. Read on to learn more.

The Challenge

Illusionarium presented VisualFizz with some existing direction for an advertising look and feel, but the task was relatively open-ended. The client wanted to be “wowed” by fantastic creative work that captured the essence of this one-of-a-kind space.

The VisualFizz Solution

Experts from the VisualFizz team came together to conceptualize a brand look and feel and deliver striking ad concepts that speak to Illusionarium’s unique offerings and target audiences.

Research, Concepting & Brand Style Development

VisualFizz performed extensive competitive research to discover key facets and target audiences of top experiential entertainment spaces. The VisualFizz team also conducted onsite visits to get the best sense of how to market these types of spaces.

Once the VisualFizz team had a solid understanding of the current landscape for experiential spaces, ideation and concepting began. VisualFizz brainstormed words to define the “vibe” of the brand and then came up with visual ideas that complemented the vibe.

From there, the VisualFizz designer took all client reference assets and designs into consideration to ensure that any new ads would be congruent with the client’s vision. The designer explored a variety of fonts, color palettes, graphical treatments, and imagery.

Design for Social Media Ads and Elevator Posters

VisualFizz used the following process to develop the designs for the social media ads and elevator posters:

  1. Sketch – Freely ideate without any constraints. Try big ideas first, and details second.
  2. Refine – Choose the best ideas and refine them. Organize fleshed-out ideas in the vein of atomic design (i.e., Atoms > Molecules > Organisms > Templates > Individual Designs).
  3. Revise – Present decision-makers with the most effective options, providing a rationale for context.

VisualFizz presented the client with two unique campaign concepts.

Concept 1 – Gaming Experience

This concept is abstract in nature. It encourages the viewer to imagine a world with no limits. A space where they can have one-of-a-kind experiences that put them in the center of some of their favorite games, films and TV shows.

Creative highlights include:

  • A rich, complex color palette
  • Modern, visually striking graphics
  • Bold copy treatment
  • Mystery-generating

Concept 2 – Dining Experience

The imagery for concept 2 focuses on the in-person dining experience. The assets are designed to create appetite appeal, a sense of community, and generate hype for this exciting new space.

Creative highlights include:

  • Enticing lifestyle imagery
  • An atmosphere of fun and food with friends
  • Modern and engaging copy treatment
  • Hype-generating

Ultimately, the client preferred concept 2 as they wanted pre-launch marketing to generate excitement for the dining and beverage aspect of the experiential space.

Strong Concepts, Delivered on Time and On Budget

The VisualFizz team of project managers, designers, and strategists came together on a tight timeline to research, ideate, and deliver strong creative concepts and support the client through their pre-launch planning process.

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“Illusionarium” is an immersive entertainment destination set to open in one of the U.S.’s premier shopping centers in early 2024. Helmed by a major motion picture studio, this large-scale space will host dynamic multimedia experiences, interactive installations, thrilling attractions, and themed dining experiences. Guests can immerse themselves in imaginative worlds from some of their favorite films, television shows, and video games.

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