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Logo, Email & Presentation Design for Global Shoe Brand

VisualFizz designed a distinctive sub-brand logo and elevated the brand’s newsletter and presentation templates with a modern, bold look.

A huge global footwear brand came to VisualFizz to redesign the look and feel of both customer-facing marketing and internal communications of one of their sub-brands.

This case study outlines how VisualFizz provided this footwear client with best-in-class creative thinking and execution for logo design, email newsletter template design and presentation template design.

Design Services for a Sub-Brand

A massive brand has to juggle many moving parts when it comes to marketing and advertising. Sub-brands require their own unique look and feel, but they also need to make sense in the grand scheme of the parent brand’s equity. This rings true whether marketing to consumers or communicating with an internal audience.

The VisualFizz team worked strategically to conceptualize, iterate on and deliver exceptional creative for the following client needs.

Design for a Sub-Brand Logo

THE CHALLENGE: One of the client’s sub-brands, the digital department within the company, felt that their logo was antiquated, obsolete, and the opposite of the modern, tech-forward style they strived to embody.
VisualFizz set out on a multi-step process to develop a contemporary, eye-catching and brand-appropriate logo.


  • Define the Essence – Identify 3 words that define the essence of the sub-brand and research/brainstorm visual ideas that relate to the chosen words.
  • Sketch – Begin sketching, using the previous criteria as a guide for a starting “shape language” with which to experiment and combine with other visual elements. For example, start with a square tilted at an angle and then brainstorm how to merge that shape with the idea of a “deep hole.”
  • Vectorize – Using a vector-based program, vectorize the creative logo concepts that are worth refining.
  • Incorporate a Wordmark – Experiment with the client’s already established font with size, letter spacing, line height, relative position and filter ideas.
  • Determine Colors – Ensure the color palette is clear, distinctive, and balanced and that it displays appropriate contrast and color harmonies. Apply the color palette using a gradient or solid color shapes.
  • Repeat – Loop the previous steps multiple times, creating at least 3 distinct creative concepts.

Once the team landed on concepts, it was time to share.

The VisualFizz team presented 3 logo options with 2 wordmark configurations and in 2 color palettes. While the options ranged from simple to abstract, each one was clear, distinctive, memorable, brand-appropriate and easily legible.

We worked with the client closely to iterate based on their feedback and our design expertise. For the final product, VisualFizz delivered an attention-grabbing logo design that will appeal to the target audience and differentiate the sub-brand while still fitting within the overarching creative sandbox of the parent brand.

Design for an Internal Email Newsletter Template

THE CHALLENGE: The previous newsletter design was outdated and didn’t convey the cutting-edge, modern feel that the client’s digital team desired. It was cramped, busy and lacked a clear visual hierarchy, making it difficult to instill confidence in employees and entice them to read.

THE VISUALFIZZ SOLUTION: VisualFizz delivered a sleek and bold newsletter template design that’s clear and appealing. It is optimized to allow for as much or as little content as needed, making it extremely easy for individuals to customize per issue.

This newsletter will help the client’s internal communications team streamline their processes, build credibility and trust with employees and, ultimately, contribute to a stronger company culture.

Design for an Internal Presentation Template

THE CHALLENGE: The client’s previous presentation templates weren’t working for them. They lacked visual contrast in terms of size, color and space, and there wasn’t enough empty space to let the graphic elements breathe.

THE VISUALFIZZ SOLUTION: The VisualFizz team delivered a clean, contemporary and visually appealing presentation template design in both PowerPoint and Keynote formats. Each template offers a great balance between quantity of text and visual appeal. They balance form and function and are easy for any employee to use and customize based on their presentation needs.

These presentation templates will instill confidence in any employee who needs to present and will create a polished and cohesive look moving forward.

The Results: A Stunning Logo and Internal Communication Tools

VisualFizz was proud to partner with such a renowned brand to design thoughtful and inspiring new creative assets. The sub-brand was impressed with the modern new logo, and team members have been using the presentation templates to deliver their content in a fresh, clean way.

Overall, the client was very pleased with our work and will continue to use our services in the future.

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