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Brand Development and Logo Design for Pet eCommerce Retail Brand

Developed branding, logos, and brand design for ecommerce company utilizing web development, social media marketing, and design product offerings.

Dahghouse is a new-age eCommerce brand promoting the ideals of pet adoption and animal rescue efforts across the globe. The company needed help with establishing their brand and sought after a team of branding professionals that could help.

In this branding case study, we will discuss VisualFizz’s design, branding, and marketing partnership with Dahghouse and detail the processes that led to the brand’s launch.

About Dahghouse

Dahghouse is a dog-friendly, fashion-forward branded community aimed at bringing greater awareness to animal rescue efforts.  Founded by Colton Underwood, reality TV star and former NFL tight end in 2020,  Dahghouse was established and launched during the height of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

Its purpose was to bring more awareness to the millions of furry friends that were forgotten during and before the pandemic.

With more pet adoptions being fueled around the country in 2020, Underwood started Dahghouse, which he describes as “a community of dog-friendly, fashion-forward, like-minded individuals who love to support and bring awareness to animal rescue efforts”.

The goal of this eCommerce store is to inspire, educate, and share positive pet vibes through fashionable clothing for all kinds of animal lovers. What’s more is that a portion of the company sales go directly to animal shelters and rescue efforts throughout the country.

Dahghouse was an entirely new concept developed by Underwood, and he needed help creating a brand identity and design. This brand package needed to be used to develop a new website and begin social media marketing campaigns.

The importance of branding for this client was also necessary to:

  • Build Empathy — Dahghouse is a company fighting for a cause. Their branding package was necessary for building synergy and empathy with their target audience.
  • Establish Brand Consistency — Dahghouse has more than 75,000 followers on Instagram. An established brand package was great for modeling consistency across their social media channels.
  • Create Brand Loyalty — The most popular eCommerce brands, like Amazon and PayPal have recognizable brand logos and materials. The same needed to happen for Dahghouse.

Branding Partnership With VisualFizz

Dahghouse approached us with the important mission of establishing their brand’s identity. This brand development goal included spearheading their brand strategy, determining brand colors and logos, and ultimately developing their brand guide.

In more detail, each of these proposal items entailed:

  • Brand Strategy — We met with Dahghouse to get a feel for their brand’s core values, ethics, and mission. This allowed us to move forward with our brand development project.
  • Brand Logos & Colors — This phase included consulting with Dahghouse’s internal team and our designers to create suitable logos and colors for this client.
  • Brand Guide Creation — This included the development of a full brand package, featuring custom fonts, typography, typeface, favicons, and printed materials.

Brand Strategy

Brand strategy is arguably the most important phase of branding and brand development. The goal is to create a brand identity that accurately represents the client and their vision. Maintaining cohesiveness with our client’s wishes is an important step of brand strategy.

To accomplish this, we set up a meeting with the client’s partner team, managing the project, to learn more about their company and cause. We conducted a series of meetings to make sure we were on the right track with our progress.

VisualFizz’s project managers participated in these meetings and utilized the design team to move forward to the next phase.

Brand Logos, Colors, and Creative Design

From our initial meetings, we discovered that this client wanted to employ a retro, 36-bit logo for their brand. We also learned that they wanted to use warm and neutral colors for the rest of their brand materials.

This phase involved onboarding our designers with the notes we accumulated in the previous stage. With a brand strategy set in stone, our designers have a seamless integration into this project and produced the materials the client wanted.

Brand Guide Creation

The final phase of the brand development process was to put an entire packaged brand book together. In sum, we created a brand guide that would be utilized by Dahghouse’s sales and marketing teams, as well as within their marketing and web channels.

This brand guide included materials such as:

  • Main Logo (Monogram) — We developed a primary logo for Dahghouse’s website and social media channels.
  • Color Palette — Our designers chose a palette of warm and neutral pastel colors for this client. This color palette was chosen due to the young demographic that Dahghouse drove through their channels. It resonated with the youthful appeal that we were focused on.
  • Primary Typeface — We used the Nunito font with other typography to create a readable format for their target audience.
  • Secondary Typeface — We used the Spot font to add boldness and character to this brand.
    Brand Elements: We showcased designs for digital and print materials, such as envelopes and favicons, using all of the materials listed in the brand guide.


After finishing this project, we were pleased to hear news that the client enjoyed their new brand assets and guidelines. This client’s new brand materials were utilized on their website, Instagram, and on all of the clothing/accessories that they sold.

This brand development project was a complete success, and this client now has an established brand to promote their products and cause. If you’re interested in elevating your company’s brand, don’t hesitate to reach out.

Contact VisualFizz today to launch your brand development strategy.



Dahghouse is a new-age eCommerce brand promoting the ideals of pet adoption and animal rescue efforts across the globe. Dahghouse was founded by Colton Underwood, reality TV star and former NFL tight end in 2020. The company was founded during the height of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.
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