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Renowned Plastic Surgeon Improves Organic Traffic by 120% With VisualFizz

120% increase in organic traffic, 173% increase in sessions, improved reputation management and response times

The phrase “plastic surgery” conjures images of Hollywood nose jobs and Beverly Hills celebrities. But in reality, plastic surgery is more often sought by those looking to restore and improve their quality of life.

Unfortunately, the many misconceptions surrounding plastic surgery lead some patients to seek alternative treatments or, worse, give up on treatment entirely. Fortunately, the medical professionals at the Lymphedema & Lipedema Center recognized the problem and reached out to VisualFizz to make it right.

About The Lymphedema & Lipedema Center – Jay W. Granzow, MD

Lymphedema and lipedema are devastating medical disorders that make it hard to work, enjoy hobbies, and are especially hard on relationships with family and friends. Since 2005, Dr. Granzow has consistently improved patients’ lives using the most advanced and effective surgery and treatment options.

Through his comprehensive lymphedema treatment program, the Granzow SystemSM, was the first successful truly integrated system of surgery and therapy for lymphedema, very few lymphedema and lipedema patients were aware of it.

Many more patients were led astray due to the severe lack of trustworthy information available on the subject. This issue prompted Dr. Granzow and his associates to seek out the services of VisualFizz.

Partnership With VisualFizz

The Granzow – VisualFizz partnership began with efforts to understand the root of the problem, i.e., why lymphedema and lipedema patients were getting lost in their search for treatment.

The answer was a threefold approach to

  1. address the severe gap in authoritative lymphedema and lipedema content,
  2. challenge misconceptions regarding plastic surgery, and
  3. better understand the user journey.

Fortunately, the marketing experts at VisualFizz saw the problem for what is – a branding issue. They solved it through a combination of:

  • WordPress Web Development
  • SEO
  • Content Creation
  • Social Media Marketing, and
  • Reputation Management.

Below we explore the project in detail and outline the different steps that were taken to brand Dr. Granzow’s Lymphedema & Lipedema Center properly, and spread the word about his groundbreaking treatment.

SEO Audit Reveals Complex Sales Funnel

Though the issue was multifaceted and complex, the main challenge/goal of the Granzow – VisualFizz partnership was to make it easier for lymphedema and lipedema patients to find Dr. Granzow online, and learn about his comprehensive lymphedema treatment program, the Granzow SystemSM.

Unfortunately, many users would become lost in their search for possible treatments for lymphedema or lipedema. A comprehensive SEO audit revealed that users would, in fact, visit the Lymphedema & Lipedema Center website 3-4 times before converting.

These SEO audit learnings indicated to the SEO experts at VisualFizz that the research/buying process for lymphedema and lipedema patients was highly complex, including multiple visits to authoritative sites in search of expert information about possible treatments.

VisualFizz Drives Traffic and Engagement for Medical Practice

After employing a number of successful tactics to drive traffic and engagement with the Dr. Granzow brand, the client hired the VisualFizz team to oversee their entire marketing strategy and SEO efforts.

We started with an analysis of the Lymphedema & Lipedema Center website, focusing on where it stood in regard to SEO, and collecting search page analytics. Reports of our findings were sent to the client, along with a set of recommendations to improve the state of their website.

We have since restructured the company’s website to be SEO-friendly, and supplied a content writer to revamp all site copy. This enabled our team to not only make the client’s content less generic, but also reposition the brand to better appeal to their target audience.

Most importantly, the VF team undertook a series of efforts to clarify the specifics of the clients’ practice online, including creating authoritative content, managing listings, social media management, and responding to patient reviews.

The Results: A Clearer, More Reliable Way For Patients To Find The Treatment They Need

The end result of the Granzow – VisualFizz partnership was a completely refurbished online presence, and a clearer, more reliable way for lymphedema and lipedema patients to find the information and treatment they need.

In the first six months of the relationship alone, a 120% increase in organic traffic was noted YoY along with a 173% increase in sessions. The top optimized landing page saw a 2,129.28% increase in sessions as well.

Reputation Management Improves Public Relations

Reputation management played a significant role in the success of the partnership. Through the use of a third-party review collector, the VisualFizz team was able to not only answer reviews, but also seek them out. This has led to a significant increase in reviews and a response to these reviews of less than 48 hours.

This review collection and answering process enabled the team to effectively separate Dr. Granzows plastic surgery practice from the Lymphedema & Lipedema Center. These efforts made it possible for the Granzow team to better align their reputation with the high quality, life-changing treatments they provide.

SEO-Audit Adds Clarity

Arguably, the most important aspect of the project was the SEO audit that added clarity to the buying funnel. That research revealed that users were not just getting lost in their search for treatment, they were also visiting the site multiple times before converting.

Content Provides Useful Information at Every Stage of The Buying Process

With this information in hand, the VisualFizz team was able to build and execute an online strategy that would not only guide users to the specific treatment they need, but also provide useful information at every stage of the buying process. Today, Dr. Granzow has a presence on all the platforms lymphedema and lipedema patients use to research their affliction.

The VisualFizz – Dr. Granzow relationship continues to expand as the brand grows. With a recent addition of a new Florida location, the VisualFizz team has provided full service support, including PR, design work, and multi-location SEO to raise awareness and build the location.

Did you like what you read here? Contact VisualFizz today to see what our full scale digital marketing strategies can do for your brand.

Granzow Lymphedema & Lipedema Center


The Granzow Lymphedema & Lipedema center was founded by world renowned surgeon and educator, Dr. Jay Granzow. At the Granzow Lymphedema & Lipedema Center they believe that each patient's condition is unique and requires a personalized treatment program. With office on the east and west coast, the Center's mission is to restore and improve the quality of life in patients with lymphedema and lipedema.
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