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Strategic, Customized Media Planning and Media Campaign Execution by VisualFizz

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Media Planning and Media Strategy Agency Services
Strategic, Customized Media Planning and Media Campaign Execution by VisualFizz

A customized, multi-channel approach to Media Planning and Media Buying is essential in creating meaningful connections with real audiences. VisualFizz leverages creative, captivating Media across many channels to deliver your brand’s message where it will have the largest impact. Through careful market research and strategic brand positioning, VisualFizz guides brands and businesses alike through Media Planning and Media Buying strategies that deliver positive returns.

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Media Planning

Deliver your message to the right audience at the right time with Media Planning by VisualFizz. We help you determine which channels, platforms, ad types, and messaging will lead to the best results. Our team of media planners and media buyers analyzes market research and creates a media plan that delivers effective results in the short term and sustainable results in the long term.

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Media Buying

Advertising on search, social, and streaming is a critical element in multi-channel media campaigns. VisualFizz’s team of creative media advertisers offers a structured, strategic approach to Paid Media Buying. From PPC and Google Ads campaigns to sponsored content, from social ads to display retargeting, VisualFizz delivers ROI-positive results with Media Buying campaigns.

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Programmatic Media

Programmatic Media in advertising is the use of advanced, automated technology across multiple platforms to deliver better results, larger data sets, and ‘smarter’ bidding strategies. By automating and controlling the ad management, ad buying, bidding, and optimizations with powerful Programmatic Media campaigns, VisualFizz helps brands achieve greater brand awareness and stronger ad performance.

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Multi-Channel Media

Multi-Channel media campaigns bridge the digital and physical worlds and offer an immersive approach to building a community around your brand. VisualFizz helps brand’s tell their story in memorable ways via web, mobile, TV, activations, sponsorships, and in-person events with a multi-channel approach to Media campaigns.

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TV, Video, and Commercial Media

As viewing platforms continue to evolve and streaming channels begin to dominate the industry, reaching audiences on television and video platforms can be a challenge. Media campaigns meant for TV and Commercial audiences require effective media and clear, simple calls to action. Reach your audience wherever they are watching with branded Media campaigns by VisualFizz.

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Media Case Studies

Wrigleyville Chicago Opening Day Summer Commercial Videography
Produced a 30-second eye-catching commercial that truly captured the energy and personality of Wrigleyville
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Branding, Billboard OOH Ads, and Video Marketing for Chicago Neighborhood Chamber of Commerce
Cohesive design concept for banner rollout, 60-second commercial airing on television, a more unified community
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Mac & Cheese Festival Chicago Beats Goals and Trends on Twitter
Paid and Organic social led to 22% increase in followers, growth in sales, and trending on Twitter for 8 hours
View Details
MVP Development of Brand Focused on Drinking Responsibly
Clean, streamlined, and robust web platform with an excellent mobile integration and an added payment system
View Details
Growth-Driven, Results Focused
We bring extensive industry experience and creativity to every client project
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