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Cities and Communities

Municipal, community, and organizational marketing campaigns that help improve local economies.

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Making Communities Stronger Through Place Marketing
Developing Municipal and Community Marketing That Makes Your Locale Proud

Whether we’re working with cities of over a million people, or small towns with a population in the thousands, each campaign is carefully designed to entice, enthrall, and excite the end-user. We want to make your destination THE destination through marketing and branding.

Cities and Communities Clients

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Municipal and City Branding

Cities, Towns, Neighborhoods. They’re all places, but they are also all brands.Similar to most mainstream marketing campaigns, branding or rebranding a city requires plenty of thought and consideration. Unfortunately, many cities that attempt to rebrand do not carry out sufficient due diligence and research. That’s where we come in.

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Municipal Reputation Development

When developing and diversifying the local economy of your municipality or community, it’s crucial to focus on reputation. It’s not how you perceive the community; it’s how others perceive it. Whether we focus on social media outreach or creatively-driven campaigns, the focus on reputation management and development is crucial for a strong future.

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Digital Communities

As we continue to progress into a heavily digitally-forward society, we have become increasingly used to creating digital communities. Whether professional or simply social, we are finding that the increased popularity of online communities isn’t something we can simply ignore. These communities are just as much of a community as the physical ones. Our goal is to support these communities in creating a place for everyone.

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Tourism Marketing

Destination marketing is fundamental to opening your city or community’s door to tourists and exploration. Whether focusing on increased conferences hosted for professional tourism or bringing in explorative sight seeking tourists, we want to ensure that your municipality is considered when the booking process begins.

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Cities and Communities Case Studies

Impactful TV Commercials for Illinois Holocaust Museum
VisualFizz wrote, storyboarded, designed, animated & sourced VO talent for two 15-second commercials that aired on live TV in Chicagoland.
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Wrigleyville Chicago Opening Day Summer Commercial Videography
Produced a 30-second eye-catching commercial that truly captured the energy and personality of Wrigleyville
View Details
Case Study: Branding Concepting and Web Development for Tech Hub
Overview of Marketing Strategy: UX Design and Custom Development The CMX network helps professional community builders thrive in their careers by providing them with world-class community programs, resources, and ongoing...
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Growth-Driven, Results Focused
We bring extensive industry experience and creativity to every client project
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