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Website Design & Development for Enterprise B2B Construction Company

VisualFizz created a user-friendly website with strong visuals, structured menus, and compelling client success stories for a large-scale specialty construction company.

It’s common to see very lean internal marketing teams at B2B companies, with sometimes just one person wearing many hats. As a full-service digital marketing agency, VisualFizz is the perfect partner for companies with small in-house marketing teams. VisualFizz acts as an extension of each client’s company, diving into the nuances of your business and delivering best-in-class content that speaks directly to your target audiences.

VisualFizz took this approach when working with Anning-Johnson Company, a specialty construction business that came to us to design and develop a new website that better reflects their place as one of the top construction companies in the nation. 

Challenge: Take the Website from Adequate to Best-in-Class

Anning-Johnson has been a leader in the specialty construction industry for over 80 years, but their website wasn’t showcasing the excellent quality and breadth of services offered by the organization. The user interface was outdated, the site structure was confusing in places, and there was a clear lack of brand storytelling throughout the site.

Anning-Johnson wanted to elevate the current site to wow users, attract top talent, deliver a cohesive brand presence, and improve lead generation.

Solution: Develop a High-Performing and Visually Striking Site

The VisualFizz team worked closely with Anning-Johnson to deliver a website that offers a high-performing, visually appealing user interface, easy-to-use menu navigation, simple-to-update back end, and a growth-focused brand story that is unlike any other in the industry.

VisualFizz’s goal was to turn the Anning-Johnson website not only into a platform for lead generation, but also to tell the story of the company.

Enterprise-Level Website Design and Development

Stage 1: Discovery

During the discovery process, VisualFizz performed extensive research, discovered desired outcomes, and mapped the customer journey. The VisualFizz team also created mood boards to ensure that the look and feel aligned with the customer’s vision. The discovery phase was done hand-in-hand with Anning-Johnson to get alignment before VisualFizz began with the next phase of the project. 

The VisualFizz team relies on efficient and detailed project management to keep each project on time and within scope. At the end of discovery, VisualFizz project managers built out a detailed timeline, established goals, and developed necessary details for design and development work.

Stage 2: Site Planning, UX and UI Design, SEO, and Content

With the discovery phase complete and goals in mind, the VisualFizz team began designing and structuring a new site for Anning-Johnson.

    • Streamlined Site Map – VisualFizz created a more intuitive top-level website structure and navigation for the Anning-Johnson site. To accomplish this, the VisualFizz team first mapped out all of the existing content, completed an audit and then worked with the Anning-Johnson team to determine what will live on the new site. From there, the VisualFizz team mapped out hte best site structure. 
    • Modern UX & UI Design – This phase included waterfall and agile development of the design for both mobile and desktop pages. The team added in additional elements of movement and flow that did not exist on the current site, creating more visual interest and cementing Anning-Johnson as an industry leader.
    • SEO – VisualFizz optimized the site layout and menu titles for SEO. The team also provided SEO assistance on key core pages, helping to outline important keywords and creating new content where needed.
  • Compelling Content – VisualFizz worked with Anning-Johnson to  write relevant content to incorporate throughout the website. The updated and new pages serve as valuable content to help drive leads.

Because the Anning-Johnson site is relatively large, VisualFizz built out the most robust pages first for review and alignment to streamline the process. Additional pages followed as Anning-Johnson approved the initial content. By using a building block method, the VisualFizz team was able to gain significant efficiencies to fastrack the design and development and also keep the site within budget. 

Stage 3: Web Development & Testing

Development started in parallel with design, a strategic approach, to optimize time and resources. Once pages were developed, VisualFizz performed internal QA before sending to the client for comprehensive QA.

Given the nature of the construction industry, the VisualFizz team paid particular attention to ensure all imagery and text reflected the stringent safety rules that Anning-Johnson abides by. 

Moreover, extensive compatibility testing was carried out across various devices, browsers, and operating systems to ensure a consistent and flawless user experience for visitors accessing the site from different platforms.

Stage 4: Launch Planning

VisualFizz formulated an exhaustive launch strategy designed to alleviate the burden on Anning-Johnson’s internal marketing team. This comprehensive plan encompassed thorough training as needed, and ongoing support to empower the client’s team in managing and maintaining the website effectively.

The website was meticulously constructed with a user-friendly Content Management System (CMS) that facilitated easy content updates and modifications. Furthermore, ongoing technical support was extended post-launch, enabling Anning-Johnson’s team to seek assistance promptly for any queries or technical issues that arose, thus ensuring a seamless transition and continued website performance.

The collaborative effort between VisualFizz and Anning-Johnson during the development and launch phases not only resulted in a cutting-edge website but also established a strong foundation for the client’s internal team to confidently manage their online presence and adapt to future industry shifts and challenges.


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Anning-Johnson Company, a subsidiary of Anson Industries, has been a recognized leader in specialty construction for over 80 years. This employee-owned business operates in eight major markets across the US, and it prides itself on providing accurate estimates, quality work, and the highest level of safety. Anning-Johnson’s services include preconstruction, interiors, exteriors, metal decking, demolition and more.

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