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Helping technology companies continue to innovate, grow, and expand their offerings.

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Marketing for Tech and Software Innovators
Get More Eyes on Your Tech Brand with VisualFizz

When it’s “innovate or die” in tech, differentiation from the competition is key. We help technology brands and software companies to differentiate from competitors and delight users. VisualFizz supports your tech brand’s growth and marketing strategies, so that you can focus on innovating, building, and improving your product.

Technology Clients

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Software as a Service (SaaS) brands are faced with intense competition, hard-to-impress audiences, and a tech environment that is always changing. We help SaaS brands go to market, learn from critical market research, and navigate the competitive landscape to turn audiences into customers. Grow your Saas or Software product with VisualFizz.

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Apps and Mobile

The Mobile App market is one of the most saturated and competitive spaces in tech. VisualFIzz helps apps stand out in the app store and gain more downloads through a hybrid of paid and organic strategies. You focus on building the best mobile product and improving your app over time, we’ll focus on gaining users and brand recognition.

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Consumer Technology

Consumers expect high-quality, fast, and frequently-updated technology in an instant. We’ll put your products’ best features into the hands of your most important consumers. Expand your customer base and consumer audiences with VisualFizz.

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Disruptive Technology

Disruptive Technology creates waves of new ideas and opportunities in the market. Staying ‘comfortable’ isn’t part of our journey either – we love supporting brands that want to push boundaries and change industries. When it’s time to disrupt, VisualFizz designs custom digital marketing strategies that drive tech brands forward.

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Technology Case Studies

Staffing Firm Sees Massive Boost With Updated Social Media & Brand Messaging
Updated company’s social media presence with modern, cohesive, strategic and visually appealing branding to reflect its reputation as a leader in its industry
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B2B Tech Marketing Strategy for Point of Sale Company
1,300% form submission increase, +30% website traffic, social audience growth of more than 314%
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Design for Auto Manufacturer
Created a visually engaging deck to sell a major product through storytelling on an extremely tight timeline
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Highly Branded Content Development for Food Inventory App
Increased traffic to blog, more sales from content strategy, stronger branding across all channels
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Growth-Driven, Results Focused
We bring extensive industry experience and creativity to every client project
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