About VisualFizz: Our Story

Our team has dedicated countless hours toward the growth of our client's companies, as well as our own. We are passionate, we are hard working, and we are committed to doing our very best. Your success is our success, and our success is our pride. We are proud of our story and we're thankful to everyone that has helped us tell it.

Welcome to VisualFizz
It's not always easy to sum up years of hard work into a short timeline, but we'll do our best.

Before the Beginning

After years of working in media agencies and in-house brands, the two founders of VisualFizz felt the typical approach to digital marketing agency structures needed some updates. Who needs costly offices with high overhead, filled with bloated teams of inexperienced generalists? Not us. We saw an opportunity to create a different agency model, one that was lean, modern, and efficient, without losing creativity. It was a bold dream, but we believed with the right team, this dream could become reality.

CoFounders Dream Up and Launch VisualFizz

In 2016, Dan Salganik and Marissa Ryan first met at a local cafe in Chicago, the best city in the world (but we’re biased). Upon knowing each other for no more than 3 hours, the VisualFizz founders agreed they were ready for the next step in their careers and decided to build a marketing agency that does things a little differently than all the rest.

VisualFizz's First Marketing Clients

Within 2 weeks, VisualFizz landed its first clients as an online marketing agency. The founders designed a website, completed a few rounds of internal branding, and started to build a team. This laid the foundation for the future of the company. We began our journey by starting to gain our legs as a growing marketing agency.

A Company Focused on True Work-Life Balance

VisualFizz has always been a life-first, work-second company. Back when flexible hours, flexible work locations, remote work, and a blended team of Full Time and Specialist was a new concept, VisualFizz’s founders took strives to allow their teams to perform and deliver the best marketing work from home, from a cafe, from anywhere in the world. Quality, creativity, timeliness and excellent work are the goals – sitting in an office all day, every day is not required.

VisualFizz Grows, Sets Roots in Chicago, and Stays A Remote-First Agency

Soon, VisualFizz was growing at a rapid pace and set up a headquarters hub in the Loop of downtown Chicago. Though we opened a physical office, VisualFizz stayed true to its beginnings and maintained a hybrid, remote work model for all its employees. Meetings, pitches, and creative shoots could now all occur under the VisualFizz roof, and team members who preferred to remain remote could simply connect through tech.

The Launch of VisualFizz Builds

In 2018, VisualFizz verticalized a sector of its marketing agency to focus specifically on the manufacturing and industrial space By developing a specialized team dedicated to the marketing needs of companies that build, VisualFizz was able to deliver better, smarter, and more impactful results to its portfolio of industrial clients.

VisualFizz continues to specialize and develop sectors of its company, creating dedicated teams of experts in a variety of industries.

VisualFizz’s Continued Growth and Advanced Projects

Today, VisualFizz remains a high growth, high impact Chicago digital marketing agency with the goal to build creative, exciting, incredible things. The VisualFizz client list has expanded and our team has grown, but one thing has stayed consistent – our commitment to quality and building lasting relationships with our client partners. We’re interested in building long-term relationships with our clients for years to come.

Our Awesome Team

We pride ourselves on hiring individuals that have a passion for marketing that goes beyond the 9-5. Many visualFizz team members come from a position of leadership or entrepreneurship. Many of us have unique hobbies, such as cooking, playing musical instruments, painting, making products, and so much more! We embrace those passions here.

Dan S.

Managing Partner

Marissa R.

Managing Partner

Rachel B.

Sr. Project Manager

Callie C.

Project Lead

Eric C.

Sr. Web Developer

Sydney O.

Brand Strategist

Rebecca L.

Sr. Social Media Manager

Ross S.

Sr. Paid Media Manager

Jessica V.

Campaign Strategist

Laura K.

Project Manager

Jenn F.

Sr. SEO Strategist

J Manuel P.

Graphic & UI/UX Designer

Nico M.

Sr. UI/UX Designer

Kelli H.

Public Relations

Neal B.

Sr. Web Developer

Laura W.

Sr. Graphic Designer

Jennifer M.

Sr. Copywriter

DiVinci S.


Alejandro M.

Motion Effects Designer

Chris B.

Web Developer

Brittany T.

Social Media Coordinator

Michaela M.

Sr. Writer

Diana K.

Video Editor & Designer

Sarah P.


Andrew M.

Social Media Video Editor

Galyna K.

Graphic Designer

We wouldn't be here if it weren't for our amazing clients.

We immerse ourselves into our client organizations and ensure that we act as an extension of their team. Whether they are a small local shop or a multi-national corporation, we invest in building a strong relationship with our partners.

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