A Chicago Digital Marketing Agency That Loves Creating Experiences

VisualFizz is an independent, full-service digital marketing agency in Chicago. We create smart, compelling digital strategies that evoke emotion and meaningful interactions. We customize a strategy that aligns with your audience’s values and elevates your brand’s influence. We like to embrace challenges head on, and break the boundaries of what’s considered possible. We push ads out of their controlled environments and convert them into hands-on consumer experiences that connect for the long haul.


Being a Chicago digital marketing agency means more than just having our office in the city. It means partnering with local brands and companies, growing our presence, and creating amazing things, all right here in Chicago.

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Our Commitment to Being A Community-Focused Chicago Digital Marketing Agency

We are hyper-committed to creating campaigns that deliver lasting results. Our strategists, creatives, producers, and account teams care deeply about their craft and are dedicated to providing exceptional experiences across the digital spectrum.


VisualFizz has rooted itself into the Chicago community by developing strong partnerships with a diverse number of businesses and non-profits. Our process is deeply collaborative and combines data-driven research and market analysis with a human-centered lens for results that are unexpected and beautiful.

Understanding Just a Few Of The Services We Offer

VisualFizz produces deliverables that last. Our marketing outputs are produced for long-term sustainability and success and are crafted individually and specific to your brand’s wants, needs, and aspirations. We are not a ‘set and forget’ digital marketing company – our goal is to constantly redefine what it means to see success from campaigns.


As we continue to expand, we strive to maintain the same distinctive point of view and thoughtful intensity we started with, and are committed to providing exceptional services across strategy, advertising, branding, digital, social, experiential and retail.

Experiences that engage the senses and convey your brand’s message in unforgettable ways.

Calculated risks for substantial payoffs by way of careful analysis of your current ROI needs and effective, well-defined ads targeted to their audience.

Develop a greater understanding of your customer’s traits and behaviors through precision research and focused testing.

Clean, white-hat practices with a focus on smart, adaptive content strategies that keep your brand highly visible. Keyword stuffing is for the bots.

Connect and engage with your current and potential audiences with targeted social strategies and content.

Distinct visuals and designs tailored to your concept and developed to stand out from the crowd at first glance.

We Help Chicago Businesses and Non-Profits Grow

VisualFizz is proudly based in Chicago, Illinois, and has had the pleasure of working with an incredible roster of diverse homegrown brands and institutions. From our Medical-tech clients committed to providing patients with to-the-moment messaging, to city-wide campaigns launched to foster neighborhood improvement, to our clients pushing the culinary envelope via delectable food festivals, we are here to bring life to brand goals. It’s the City with the Broad Shoulders, and our reach stretches wide — from the heart of the Loop to the North Side, to the suburbs, and beyond. We are happy to be called a Chicago digital marketing company. Shoot us a line and let’s make something great.

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