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Staffing Firm Sees Massive Boost With Updated Social Media & Brand Messaging

Updated company’s social media presence with modern, cohesive, strategic and visually appealing branding to reflect its reputation as a leader in its industry

Synectics is a highly respected full service staffing firm and employment agency based in Chicago, IL. The firm serves an extremely diverse client base which represents an equally diverse range of industries and institutions. With a prestigious list of clients that includes several leading companies and Fortune 500 corporations, the 30+ year old business has its sights set on continued growth for years to come.

The key to success for Synectics is quality, both when it comes to people and process. Staffing consultants put the same standard of excellence into each search they perform for clients. Likewise, they bring the most relevant, challenging and fulfilling opportunities to qualified professionals. Clients and job seekers alike rave about the experience working with Synectics to find the perfect fit between company and talent. Its innovative technology and trademarked systems allow the company to achieve efficient and effective recruiting, day in and day out.

Why Social Media and Customer Messaging are Key for Digital Brands

In this day and age, social media acts as a modern “front door” to every business. Social media is quite often the first touchpoint between customers and brands, and a connection can be solidified or not within a minute or even less. When a company’s social media is current, professional and engaging, it builds trust with customers who are considering spending their money at the business.

A brand with an up-to-date, clean and visually appealing social media presence naturally attracts customers, letting them know immediately that the company is legitimate and values how it is presented to the public. It’s also a channel that gives companies a chance to interact with customers by answering questions or responding to user comments. The “social” aspect of social media is quite powerful as well, and a brand with engaging content is more likely to be shared by followers.

Overall, a modern digital and social media presence is a simple and effective way to showcase a business including its products, services, people, culture and more.

Partnership With VisualFizz

Recognizing it needed a fresh and more strategic digital presence, Synectics reached out to the professionals at VisualFizz for help. Our crew of talented digital marketers listened to the Synectics team share how it desired to be presented across social media and what goals it hoped to accomplish with a stronger presence. These goals were brand awareness, brand cohesiveness, customer messaging and recruitment for jobs. We then presented a multi-step action plan to improve the online pesona of Synectics and thus solve these issues, one by one. Finally, we rolled our sleeves up and got to work on the following.

Brand Awareness

  • Make Synectics (its brand, products and services) more familiar and recognizable with social media users/potential customers
  • Help distinguish Synectics from the competition by highlighting its unique attributes

Brand Cohesiveness

  • Ensure various social media platforms feel connected to each other and of the same company
  • Updated imagery for consistent branding on all main platforms
  • Updated bios and descriptions for consistent branding on all main platforms

Customer Messaging

  • Created template for responding to customer reviews to manage online reputation
  • Developed appropriate tone for communicating to customers digitally

Recruitment for Jobs

  • Drive traffic from social media directly to Synectics website of available opportunities
  • Target skilled professionals in top US metropolitan areas

Overall Social Media Campaign Results

Since working with VisualFizz there has been an increase in followers of over 23%, for a current total of over 84,000+ (at the time of writing this case study), over 58% increase in engagement rate YoY, 84% increase in impressions and over 100% increase in average clicks YoY.

The metrics demonstrate the overwhelming success of the campaign, which of course had Synectics executives excited. The story of Synectics spans over 30 years and is one of constant adaptation to technology, business and the staffing market. This campaign was just the latest step in the brand taking the initiative to set itself up for long term success.

Overall, Synectics is more than comfortable with VisualFizz leading all customer messaging and online imagery based upon the trust built from the substantial improvements of the initial social media branding campaign. Our team was delighted to help this leading staffing firm to stay atop the industry so it can continue helping people and serving clients. We look forward to sustaining and developing this mutual relationship in the future!

​​Interested in elevating your company’s social media strategy and overall digital presence? Don’t hesitate to reach out–contact VisualFizz for a consultation today. We’re excited to chat about how we can help your business achieve its goals!



Established in 1984, Synectics is one of the nation’s foremost staffing firms, working with a client base that includes some of the leading institutions and Fortune 500 corporations in the United States. Synectics bring the most highly qualified professionals to assignments that they will find challenging and fulfilling. day. Our success has depended on our consistent ability to achieve both of these goals.
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