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Videography for Founding Team of Branding Agency

VisualFizz develops a videography campaign that includes our sizzle reel of videography content captured onsite during project work.

The Videography Client

If you want something done right, sometimes you have to do it yourself. As a digital marketing company, we know a thing or two about growing a brand, and we use many of the same marketing strategies as our clients. Video marketing is highly effective, and we practice what we preach in our own advertorial content. Over the past few years, we have quickly grown from a small startup to a high-impact digital marketing agency, expanding our services through initiatives like VisualFizz Builds, which caters to the industrial, construction, real estate, architecture, and energy brands.

The Goal of Marketing Video Creation

Every company wants to expand their client base, and VisualFizz is no exception. This marketing video served as an opportunity to show viewers who we really are, how we built our business, what our clients are like, and our future goals. Our goal was to provide our clients with an enjoyable and informative glimpse into the inner mechanics of our digital marketing firm.

The Solution: A Brand Video Meant To Last

By including interviews with several clients, the video shares a relatable experience with viewers and further emphasizes the importance of our business-client relationships. Equally important to getting to know us as a company was ensuring viewers understand that our clients are our number one priority. The final product walks through our company’s history, sharing our progress, current goals, and future plans in an engaging yet informative video. We are very happy with the results, and will definitely be repeat customers!



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