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Highly Branded Content Development for Food Inventory App

Increased traffic to blog, more sales from content strategy, stronger branding across all channels

Content Marketing Partnership with VisualFizz

Orderly came to VisualFizz with a goal of finding and engaging customers in their relevant demographic (restaurant owners). To highlight the benefits of the platform, VisualFizz writers created a content strategy for user acquisition. This included writing and pulsing out long-form content that highlights common problems in the restaurant industry, and shares how Orderly is able to solve those problems.

By creating a content library of meaningful, evergreen content, VisualFizz provided two key benefits to Orderly. First, the content all lives permanently on Orderly’s blog, functioning as a go-to resource and value-add for current and future customers. Hosting the articles on the Orderly website also increases the SEO value of the site, as the content is rich in relevant keywords. Additionally, all the content can be repurposed and pushed out via targeted social media marketing to draw in new customers.

A Custom-Tailored Solution

By creating a content calendar for the business, VisualFizz was able to help Orderly expand their marketing efforts and reach new customers. Article topics included catchy headlines like “Bad Beer Pours Are Drowning Your Profits,” “The Definitive Pro/Con List For Adding A Bar To Your Restaurant,” and “The Ideal COGS For Every Type Of Restaurant.” Adding numerous articles to their blog in a very short time frame propelled Orderly’s lead generation to the next level. The VisualFizz team worked quickly and efficiently to meet tight deadlines, ensuring Orderly was able to use the content as a marketing vehicle and bring in sales to meet quarterly goals.

Building A Complete Content Marketing Strategy

VisualFizz knows the importance of creating content that will truly connect on emotional levels with your audience. Finding the right voice is critical. Orderly required extremely specific user personas to help our content writers identify which audiences will be most attuned to our messaging.

To pique the interest of restaurant managers and owners, VisualFizz produced content that touched on the extremely specific pain points these individuals feel most frequently. VisualFizz needed to create content that led the target audience to Orderly as a solution to these pain points, without underplaying the audience’s current approach.

Orderly preferred a conversational, yet memorable voice with a respectful, straightforward tone. VisualFizz’s main content goal was to increase leads to the Orderly platform, and this goal was expertly wrapped in throughout each content piece. Each optimized content piece both stands alone as a lead generator and is a part of an overall content marketing strategy

The Result?

Increased traffic to the Orderly blog, more sales from the content strategy, and stronger branding across a variety of channels, including search engines and social media. The VisualFizz team was able to work closely with Orderly to re-create the unique tone and voice that Orderly’s customers were accustom to identifying with.



Orderly is a restaurant management software that streamlines work for restaurant owners. The platform digitizes tasks like counting inventory, calculating market prices of ingredients and invoicing. Orderly saves restaurant owners lots of time, but it solves a very specific problem for a limited group of people. The challenge was explaining those benefits simply and concisely, and then getting that content in front of the right customers. Orderly uses its content strategies as a lead generation tool for their software platform. By speaking to specific pain points of the restaurant owners and managers, Orderly is able to provide answers and direction for its audience and create a brand audiences trust.

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