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Uptick in Organic Traffic and Leads for a SaaS Company

Through extensive SEO and web optimizations, VisualFizz helped Wise Systems gain 20.7% more quality leads.

Rapid growth is a double-edged sword. Wise Systems was dealing with a quickly expanding menu of services—and more clients—while also navigating a marketing strategy that was becoming unwieldy and difficult to manage.

VisualFizz stepped in to develop a holistic and growth-driven marketing strategy with a focus on SEO optimizations and web improvements. This case study covers the SEO and web development services VisualFizz provided for Wise Systems.

About Wise Systems

Wise Systems, a Series C software-as-a-service (SaaS) company, is a leader in last-mile dispatch and routing software. The company’s solutions streamline the delivery process for drivers, dispatchers, managers, and delivery recipients in a wide range of industries, from wholesale to retail to courier.

Wise Systems has grown very quickly over the past few years, consistently improving its technology, adding cutting-edge solutions to its list of product offerings, and expanding its team. With that fast growth also came a greater need for uniformity and cohesion in the company’s marketing strategy.

The Challenge: Fragmented Marketing and a Poor Site Redesign/Redevelopment

The Wise Systems team was working with numerous vendors and moving parts with no centralized strategy in place. While Wise Systems had tremendous success in certain verticals, there were other verticals that weren’t receiving the necessary time and labor needed to achieve goals, such as improving organic traffic, increasing conversions, and improving the overall usability of the site.

In addition, the company had just completed a site redesign that had unfortunately crashed their rankings. Wise Systems’ previous web development vendor didn’t understand the nuances of the company’s niche market, which led to a significant loss of visibility and, as a result, a decrease in organic visits to the Wise Systems website.

The Solution: Rebuild Rankings with a Cohesive, Growth-Driven Strategy

In the competitive world of SaaS, marketing is crucial to drive customer acquisition, generate revenue, and carve out a unique space in the market. VisualFizz worked very closely with the Wise Systems team to understand pain points and create a well-rounded and cohesive marketing strategy that made the most sense for Wise Systems’ team and budget.

SEO and Web Development Services for Wise Systems

Before diving into tactical updates, VisualFizz took a bird’s eye view of Wise Systems’ digital ecosystem to determine where to focus efforts. First up was an extensive initial audit.

Comprehensive SEO and Website Audit

The VisualFizz team completed a comprehensive SEO and website audit to identify opportunities to improve the user experience, optimize the website, and undo the visibility damage done by the recent redesign.

The audit included the following:

  • Current Wise Systems analysis, including metadata, categorization, site structure, and UX, on-page SEO, navigation, technical SEO, and core web vitals
  • Competitive analysis for two top competitors, including strengths, weaknesses, and immediately actionable opportunities for Wise Systems
  • Strategy analysis and recommendations for SEO (on-page, off-page, and technical), conversion rate, UX, and content
  • Next steps with a 3, 6, and 12-month plan

VisualFizz’s initial SEO audit identified several issues with technical and on-page SEO. The audit also revealed opportunities to make Wise Systems more competitive among its peers.

Web Development Services and SEO Cleanup

VisualFizz team took the following steps to address the problems and opportunities uncovered in the audit:

Fixed Issues:

  • Restructured the site, added a sitemap, and ensured previously indexed content was mapped to the correct location to regain rankings for key pages
  • Cleaned up technical issues that made it difficult for search engines to find and index valuable content on the website
  • Fixed missing pages (404’s) and redirected pages that had been removed from the website during the redesign
  • Implemented strategies to deal with low-performing and low-quality content on the website

Improved Existing Layout and Content:

  • Made changes to the layout across the entire site to improve usability and consistency, including spacing, font sizes, and image sizes, especially on mobile devices
  • Reorganized blog by recategorizing all the posts and creating archive pages for each category
  • Optimized key elements of every page of the website, including meta titles, descriptions, and image alt-texts
  • Adjusted the server’s security headers to improve security

Added New Features:

  • Added pop-up with form to sign up for the Wise Systems newsletter
  • Added custom WordPress blocks to allow the client to create their own pages with content using the blocks

Additional SEO Strategy

In addition to the extensive tactical changes VisualFizz completed for Wise Systems, the VisualFizz team also provided additional SEO strategy direction.

External Outreach Strategy: VisualFizz presented the client with a strategy and process to improve visibility on other platforms through external outreach on websites like Quora and LinkedIn.

New Content & Content Refresh: Wise Systems had several pages of very thin content that were cornerstone pages of the website. VisualFizz developed a plan to restructure these pages, determine new content pillars, and add additional content to help search engines gain context around the brand and the service offerings. This plan was also designed to boost rankings around core keywords related to the business like “last mile,” “route optimization” and “fleet optimization” for both old and new content.


Thanks to VisualFizz’s exhaustive SEO and web optimization efforts, Wise Systems has seen nearly a 21% increase in lead form submissions as well as an uptick in organic traffic. Keep reading for more granular results.

Organic Conversion

The VisualFizz team helped the client troubleshoot HubSpot tracking issues where the source of a lead was not correctly attributed to organic traffic.

Between July 1, 2022, and May 31, 2023, the number of demo form completions increased 20.69% compared to the previous year.

Website Performance

VisualFizz’s optimizations improved the mobile home page Google PageSpeed score from 39 to 52.

Keywords and Organic Traffic

  • Improved the volume of keywords ranking in the top 100 of Google Search by 35.54% between June 2022 and May 2023
  • 2.69% increase in organic traffic over the past year due to increase of keywords
  • The average position for all pages improved by 24.87 positions
  • Estimated traffic as a result of tracked keywords improved by 21.45 visits

Solve Your Website and Marketing Woes with VisualFizz

Whether you need to build a high-converting website from scratch or you need an experienced team to identify and fix issues with your current site, VisualFizz can help. VisualFizz has extensive SEO and web development experience in a wide variety of industries, including niche markets such as technology, construction and manufacturing, real estate, and more.

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Wise Systems


Wise Systems, a rapidly growing Series-C funded organization, is a delivery automation platform that revolutionizes the way businesses plan, execute, and track their last-mile delivery operations. With a cutting-edge suite of solutions, Wise Systems helps companies of all sizes improve customer service and fleet efficiency, reduce their carbon footprint, and cut down on late deliveries.
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