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Brand Video for Technology Company

Pair of visually captivating and easy to follow promotional videos for use at trade shows and email campaigns

The Client

Resource Point of Sale is an innovative leader in their industry, offering end-to-end Point of Sale (POS) systems for restaurants and retailers. They were seeking innovation in their video marketing campaigns, which VisualFizz gladly provided. From tech support to maintenance to the POS systems themselves, Resource Point of Sale is a comprehensive one-stop-shop for any business.

The Goal

There was a clear and simple goal in mind when VisualFizz and Resource Point of Sale teamed up to create a pair of promotional video marketing materials: the videos needed to be visually captivating and easy to follow, since they would be used in a variety of upcoming marketing efforts at trade shows and in email campaigns. In addition to a long-form video detailing the company and its mission, Resource Point of Sale would need a second, shorter video to focus on product offerings and a brief overview of the company.

The Solutions

The long-form video features a representative sampling of Resource Point of Sale employees and includes everyone from warehouse workers to the CEO. By sharing their experiences, these individuals explain the products and processes provided by their company and how they can benefit any business in need of a POS system. The interviews and visuals clearly demonstrate what Resource Point of Sale offers and what sets them apart from other companies in the industry. Finally, to capture the innovative spirit of Resource Point of Sale, VisualFizz incorporated drone footage to emphasize the geographical advantages afforded by a company located in a buzzing Chicago neighborhood.

The second video delivered shorter, more concise content and condensed video footage. Rather than focusing on multiple individuals, this video features Resource Point of Sale CEO Austin Chavez sharing the company’s story in his own words. By offering a glimpse into the mind of Resource Point of Sale’s founder, viewers experience his professionalism and extensive industry knowledge first hand, and it speaks for itself. Both of these projects were considered a great success for Resource Point of Sale, whose previous marketing materials had been created years earlier and needed updating, and these new videos will be used for years to come.


Resource POS is a full-service technology partner that delivers customizable, end-to-end POS and IT solutions. Headquartered in Chicago with offices and technicians nationwide, RPOS can support everything you need from hardware procurement, implementation and rollouts, depot, repairs and maintenance, to POS help desk and continued support.
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