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Social Media Explainer Video for Healthcare Brand

Video used as a powerful marketing tool to get consumers more comfortable with the product and process itself

The Client

Exhale Now was one of VisualFizz’s earliest clients to benefit from our video services. Exhale’s offering is unique and appeals to a specific consumer demographic, meaning they needed a simple and effective marketing tool that explains the product that they offer and their process. While the process can be relatively straightforward, allergen testing services are an intangible product, and the Exhale brand was searching for the best way to communicate with and educate potential customers as to why their services are so valuable.

The Goal

VisualFizz and Exhale agreed that a video could be a powerful marketing tool to help consumers visualize and understand the in-home allergen testing process from beginning to end. In order to do so, VisualFizz would need to clearly identify and explain what the product does, what the process of receiving and shipping the product looks like, and how to use it. Acknowledging that many, if not most, of the clients purchasing Exhale’s product would be doing so for the first time, the main goal was to help consumers become more comfortable with the product and the process itself.

The Solution

To help viewers feel more at ease with Exhale, the marketing video places great emphasis on comfort. Consumers are walked through the entire process from beginning to end in a familiar home setting and communicates the relatable struggle with allergens. Props like soft, fluffy blankets add to the overall theme of comfort and relief, and the text throughout coupled with the actors’ performance clearly explains how those suffering from an issue with their home’s air quality can utilize the product, read the results, and reach a satisfying solution to their issue.



Exhale is a consumer-focused airborne allergen detection company focused on improving the air quality of homes and offices. Through their direct-to-consumer air quality measurement and remediation product offering, Exhale has been able to identify major airborne materials and provide steps toward the best way to remove them from any environment.

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