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Four Types of Copywriting for Marketing and Branding

VisualFizz's content marketing and content strategy team offers expertise on the Four Types of Copywriting for Marketing and Branding.

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Copywriting makes a large part of the advertising and marketing strategies that companies are now employing to stay unique and reach out to prospective consumers. From emails and social media posts to video scripts, blogs, and articles, they help convey the brand’s mission, vision, and its products and services. It is up to the brand to come up with engaging and compelling content that convinces its audience to invest in their products.

There are different types of copywriting to tackle specific marketing strategies hence coming up with a stronger brand. With all these covered, a brand can sell quickly by setting itself apart and explaining clearly to its target audience how what the brand offers can help them. Let’s look at the different types now, shall we?

1. Creative Copywriting

This writing involves coming up with attention-grabbing and memorable concepts that set brands apart from each other. Creative copywriters should be brilliant when it comes to brainstorming ideas of short, catchy, snappy, and punchy phrases to strike a chord with viewers and readers. This type of writing involves telling a story through video ads and commercials using unique concepts. The content should be advertising-based to market the brand and help it stand out among the rest in your marketplace.

Marketing a Smartphone example:

Heard of living under a rock? You do not have to be in the wild to be in a rock. You are already in one if you do not have the Neem Smartphone. POTUS has to tweet –  and for that, he needs a Smartphone. He isn’t under a rock. What about you? You need to tweet or at least view other people’s tweets and check out the Gram. The Neem Smartphone is the ultimate game-changer. Try one. The experience will make you realize you were missing out big time. 

2. Marketing Copywriting

Marketing copywriting entails the writing of advertisements using ongoing trends in the market to lure more customers. It is done after careful assessment of the needs and desires of the market and how to tap into it. The result should be a well-arranged piece that addresses the consumers’ needs.

A marketing copywriter is partly a psychologist as they immerse themselves in the consumers’ lives and seeks to understand the common denominator, their needs, and their concerns. After this, one has to come up with a copy that reaches the deepest desires of the target audience, sometimes even creates the need where one does not exist. In this writing, one has to have the ability to sustain an argument without losing the audience. Such a book is essential in video scripts, email campaigns, and eBooks as they create a stronger bond between the brand and its target audience.

Marketing a bicycle example:

Life without mobility? It is just unimaginable. Everyone is moving. Moving and fulfilling their needs and wants at various places. And with ease. These people find their way home when done. And to top it off, they exercise at the same time and do a service to future generations by not emitting any pollutants. The bicycle. It is about convenience, exercise, ease, and flexibility. Everyone has one. Do you have one? Not clear what you are waiting for if you do not have one.

3. SEO Copywriting

Search engine optimization copywriting is a crucial part of any blog post with the advent of better algorithms of ranking websites. The old way of littering low-quality content with keywords to appear top on searches is now null and void. For any copy to come out on top in searches, it has to be engaging, original, educative, and objective. Prospective customers who read well-written SEO copies are compelled to buy the products and services of the brand.

In addition to analyzing top searches and turning them into a piece for marketing, a copywriter has to employ the use of marketing intelligence and creativity. SEO copywriters come up with outstanding articles and web page copies that will help you rank highly in searches that your content covers.

Search Engine Optimization Article Example

How to Increase Your Social Media Following:

Over 2 billion people worldwide use various social media platforms. This number has been increasing with the ever-rising number of Smartphone users and owners in the world. This trend is only set to increase. As a business, you might want to increase your social media following so that you can, in turn, leverage that following for your marketing strategy. To grow your social media following, you need to ensure that you get some basics right. You need to have a content strategy, and that you share your content regularly on these platforms, people will notice, and you might start building a following. You also need to be regular and be consistent if you want to attract that following. Other strategies that work in increasing your follower count include responding to your followers on these social media platforms, using hashtags, and including social media follow buttons wherever and whenever you can. 

4. Technical Copywriting

As a brand, you need writers that know precisely what they are writing about. As most writers don’t have in-depth insight into what they write about, they might not cover all that needs to be known in a particular subject. Technical writers, therefore, come in handy to print informative and comprehensive copies with in-depth knowledge on the subject matter. They are especially useful in writing covering fields such as technology and medicine.

Writers qualifying for such writing need to have vast information in the field to ensure they know what to emphasize. For example, if you want to advertise a logo editing software, you will need a writer with knowledge in logo design software and computers. This will help in addressing the perks of your software that make it stand out from the rest.

Technical copywriting involves writing user manuals, knowledge-based articles, and any technical instructions. They are essential in reducing the number of calls in the help desk as they address most issues fully.

Marketing a Flash Drive example:

Heard of the SanDisk Extreme Pro 128 GB Flash Drive? Day in day out, new flash drives come to the market. Various companies come up with different brands of hardware with different specifications and capabilities. However, not all of these flash drives are worth it. Indeed, there are those well-suited for specific functions like speed, durability, security, and capacity. Some are hardware-oriented. Some are well-suited for Apple Products, some for Unix-like systems, some for Microsoft Windows, and some just budget offerings. However, given the changing preferences of consumers, you might want to go with the best overall flash drive. This is a flash drive that works on virtually every piece of hardware available. It is also a flash drive that has a wide array of benefits and meets the requirements that the average user and even the professional would look out for. This flash drive is the SanDisk Extreme Pro 128 GB Flash Drive.

Other Types of Marketing Copywriting and Content Creation

Blog Content Writing and Blogging

Blog content writing is one of the most critical writings used in advertising. They could be how-to posts or compelling stories of your brand and customers. The content in this type of writing should be SEO-focused and updated to ensure interest from readers.

The use of keywords and related images may help in ranking top in searches and also accessible understanding by the consumers. The copy should bear your brand’s tone and authority, including expertise in the field. Any information regarding your brand’s products and services should be reflected in all your blog content writing.

Social Media Copywriting

From its name, such a book should be social. Given 140 characters of a tweet, how could you grab the attention of the users, whether customers or prospective customers? With well thought out strategies, you can come up with a copy that can reach a broad audience through sharing and retweeting. Remember, the content should be engaging, in that it allows social media users to spark a conversation through the copy. It could be informative, comical, or advising; the important part is bonding with your audience. 

Academic Copywriting

Academic writing is a prose writing characterized by evidence-based arguments that work to inform or analyze certain matters. It is used by scholars, professors, and researchers to make arguments, persuade, or engage in a scholarly analysis within the intellectual boundaries of certain areas of expertise. Academic writing may include dissertations, literary analysis, and research papers, among others.

The tone used in this writing is impersonal with the use of a third-person narration rather than first-person (mostly). Technical jargon is usually used to keep the focus on the problem under investigation. The ideas convey well organized and cohesive to create a logical piece. Studicus offers help in coming with the most comprehensive and authoritative academic writing.

So there you have it! There are a variety of offerings that fall under “copywriting”, and most are essential in the marketing and advertising process. Although there are many different types of copywriting, they all should work together in displaying your brand’s domain in the market. Remember to use the right tone for each writing to convey the right message. The most important tip is that it is not about you. Make sure the customers are the focus of an effective marketing strategy.

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