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The Best Tools to Increase Conversion Rates on a Budget

Budget-friendly tools, methods, and tactics you can use to help you Improve your ROI and increase your Conversion Rates with VisualFizz!

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Do you want to increase conversions for your website? Ultimately, everyone does, however, most aren’t able to accomplish it because they are not using the right tools.


Here is a list of the best Conversion Rate Optimization tools available for a reasonable price.



Knowing where your visitors are clicking, scrolling, or moving their cursor is important when considering how to optimize your website. If you’re looking to know your visitors’ habits, you can see the results with a heat map. There are three types of heatmaps — click, move, and scroll. It is important to have all three to get a comprehensive understanding of how visitors interact with your website.





hotjar conversion rates visualfizz


Nothing beats free tools when you’re on a budget. Hotjar’s free account is limited but more than enough for a small business or personal blog. Unlike most free tools, the UI is good and it’s easy to install the code on your website. The only problem is that it does not capture every user. While this can slightly alter your results, it still is a great tool to highlight conversion rates on your site.


Session Records

A step above heatmaps, session records are exactly what they sound like – recordings of the user’s session on your website. You see everything they see, which is great insight for your CRO. Often, users find 404 pages or contact forms that aren’t working, which can affect your conversion rates if left unfixed. With this tool, you get complete insight into why a user clicked a button or bounced from your website.


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Lucky Orange


conversion rates sem rush visualfizz


Although Lucky Orange and Hotjar both offer heat maps and session records, Lucky Orange is better for session records. In comparison to Hotjar, Lucky Orange provides more pertinent information about the user when viewing session records. Lucky Orange captures everything! Nothing is missed like Hotjar. While you get more with Lucky Orange, it does come with a small monthly fee. If you are purely looking for a heatmap tool, Hotjar has all three heatmaps for free, making them the better deal.


Tag Manager

If you aren’t using a tag manager for your site, you are truly missing out. While the average WordPress blog may not need a tag manager, this tool is great for websites intended to make money via an affiliate, e-commerce, etc. Even if it is a small business, tracking is still helpful. The more information you have, the better you can optimize. To summarize, tag managers consist of three key elements:

  • A tag (Snippet of code)
  • A trigger (Defines when and where tags are executed)
  • A variable (Stores the information by the tags or triggers)

It’s amazing what tag managers can do with just a tag, trigger, and variable. I recommend using tag managers if you’re trying to gain or track insights on users if analytic tools are not enough.



Google Tag Manager


google tag manager conversion rates visualfizz


Why Google? Well, it’s free and you probably have Google Analytics already installed on your website, therefore, having an analytics tool that is easy to integrate with your tag manager tool is always a plus. Google Tag Manager is the best choice when comparing value and convenience.


A/B testing

How do you know if you made a great landing page? You test it. It’s challenging to fully know if the original landing page is converting at its peak potential conversion rate. Doing an A/B test to see which version of the landing page has a high KPI will tell you if it’s successful or not. The KPI could be anything from a click to completing a contact form. A/B testing is vital for conversion rate optimization. Unlike heatmaps, session records, and tag managers that collect data and then perform analysis, A/B testing is black and white. This is why A/B testing is an absolute must for CRO!



Google Optimize


google optimize visualfizz conversion rates


Like Google Tag Manager, Google Optimize is free, easy to integrate with Google Analytics and it works like intended. If that does not make a great tool, I don’t what does. There are better tools to use for A/B testing like Optimizely, but for most individuals and companies, Google Optimize is perfect for your testing needs.


Using these tools will improve your conversion rate if used properly. The best part, you can increase your conversion rate for free by utilizing the recommended tools above.

Although the best tools require you to pay (Ahrefs, Optimizely, Marketo, etc.) there are great free alternatives that will accomplish the CRO basics to improve the outcome of your website.

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