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Content Marketing Strategy for Enterprise B2B Office Materials Brand

VisualFizz planned, created, and distributed high-quality content for a subsidiary brand of the world’s largest office supplier, boosting brand awareness and SEO rankings.

This company, a subsidiary of a top global office supplier, creates branded merchandise and marketing materials for businesses looking to make a splash with employees, clients, prospects, trade show attendees and more. Brands and companies provide their own artwork and this company takes care of the rest, creating swag and products that look amazing and foster brand awareness and loyalty.

While the company creates unique marketing and advertising materials for other businesses, they needed some guidance in marketing themselves to key B2B audiences. They came to VisualFizz to create and execute a comprehensive content marketing strategy to boost awareness among target B2B customers and cement the company as an industry thought leader.

This case study covers the following services provided by VisualFizz:

Client Challenges

The company operates in a highly competitive B2B space where content marketing is crucial to increase brand awareness and, ultimately, close more deals.

The team’s existing content calendars were barebones. They lacked the structure, detail and proper timelines needed to develop and publish a healthy flow of content. Even when blog outlines existed, the company struggled to find the resources to develop content, resulting in months of backlog.

In addition, brand outreach was nonexistent, with no backlinking or other links to help establish the brand and improve SEO.

To help the company expand market share and increase return customers, they needed a partner to help amplify brand awareness within the industry and ultimately garner more high-value sales.

Furthermore, due to its integration with a complex, interconnected company-wide CMS, this organization encountered additional technical SEO challenges. As a result, they sought a robust SEO and content strategy to address these issues effectively.

VisualFizz Solution

VisualFizz worked closely with the client’s team and their vendor partners to plan, create, distribute, and manage a sophisticated and robust strategy to increase brand visibility.

VisualFizz’s efforts were focused on three primary buckets:

  • Content marketing strategy – The project management and SEO teams at VisualFizz worked closely with the client to develop highly detailed, SEO-informed content calendars and ensure timing stayed on track.
  • Content creation – VisualFizz produced a significant amount of content in a short amount of time to overcome the content backlog and create a pipeline for future months.
  • Outreach & distribution – VisualFizz started outreach efforts, including outreach on Help a Reporter Out (HARO), to improve backlink opportunities and build brand awareness.

VisualFizz used a combination of owned web content and outreach strategies to ensure a holistic and strong brand presence in the B2B marketing materials space.

Content Strategy, Content Creation & Strategic Distribution

The right content strategy can lay the foundation for continued success for any brand, and this is especially true for B2B brands that rely on great content to increase visibility and leads. VisualFizz created a well-rounded content marketing strategy that spanned content planning to distribution and everything in between.

Read on to learn more about content strategy services and tactics provided by VisualFizz.

Brand Voice & Tone Development

To ensure consistency across all blog content, VisualFizz crafted voice and tone guidelines specifically created for the client’s content marketing. That way, everyone from external content writers to internal subject matter experts had a guide to refer back to when writing and editing content.

To develop these guidelines, VisualFizz reviewed existing brand guidelines and materials and met with the client’s team to understand their current messaging and desired perception. VisualFizz then began developing content slowly, reviewing a small batch with the client to ensure the content was hitting the mark.

Once the client approved the first few pieces of content, VisualFizz created voice and tone guidelines to use moving forward and implemented them on future blogs.

Content Planning & Writing

High-quality blog posts are the bulk of the work VisualFizz completed for the client. The VisualFizz team started by creating a monthly content calendar with ideas for posts, all informed by SEO research. Once topics were approved, the VisualFizz content writers developed anywhere from 8 to 13 posts per month.

In addition to focusing on SEO, each blog post aimed to provide rich value to potential customers, answer common questions, and drive conversions for the company’s wide variety of promotional products by linking to applicable products throughout the post.

Blog posts covered a wide range of topics that would be valuable for the company’s potential B2B audience, including small business owners, enterprise companies, brand managers, school administrators and more. Here are just a few examples of the types of content VisualFizz covered:

  • Holiday gift guides for clients
  • Gifts to promote mental health for employees
  • Sustainable/eco-friendly gifts
  • Budget-friendly employee appreciation gifts
  • Trade show booth swag
  • School swag
  • Product spotlights

Over several months, the VisualFizz team created a wealth of resources for business owners and brand managers. The team also increased the quantity and diversity of content pieces by implementing guest posting strategies. The brand voice & tone guidelines were especially important for guest posts, providing a framework for other authors to follow.

Innovative Content Distribution & Amplification

Once the content was published, VisualFizz promoted it in various ways to maximize visibility. The team tailored content to specific platforms to ensure it resonated with the users on each platform.

For LinkedIn and Medium, VisualFizz created engaging and robust native content articles to provide readers with valuable information while also linking back to blog content. These articles positioned the client as an expert in relevant areas.

For Quora, a popular and widely-used social question-and-answer platform, VisualFizz sourced highly relevant questions from the user community. The content provided helpful answers that not only addressed users’ inquiries but also subtly directed them toward valuable insights on the company blog. The seamless integration of informative responses and strategic linking contributed to fostering engagement and driving traffic to the blog, ultimately benefiting the overall digital marketing strategy.

For all of these platforms, VisualFizz focused on driving traffic back to the company’s website.

VisualFizz also performed outreach on Help a Reporter Out (HARO) to respond to relevant article requests. The team also used HARO as a source for article guidance from experts. HARO was also used to respond to relevant requests to further build out backlinking.

Results: High-Quality, High-Performing Content

The client has been extremely happy with the output and quality of content produced by VisualFizz—over 85 unique, high-performing pieces of content in just 7 months. Through a focused effort, VisualFizz was also able to garner additional backlink opportunities, which are incredibly valuable for SEO rankings.

VisualFizz not only crafted a comprehensive content strategy but also lent its expertise in hands-on SEO recommendations to the client. The technical SEO team uncovered numerous opportunities for technical, on-page, and content improvements for this brand.

Furthermore, the UI/UX design team collaborated to create inspiring landing page and home page designs, tailored for increased conversion rates through CRO. These designs were well-received and seen as a significant enhancement over the current page designs.

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Global B2B Office Supply Company


This client, a $14 billion global leader in office supplies, generates multi-billion dollar revenues and serves both businesses and consumers. VisualFizz collaborated with the business-to-business (B2B) promotional division of this company. To protect our client's privacy, their name has not been disclosed in this case study or anywhere on our website.

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