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Overview of The Brand

The Yard is a boutique retailer based in Kuwait. Their stores are full of modern, unique home decor, gifts and one-of-a-kind finds. Run by a pair of creative and savvy female designers, The Yard is a result of the founder’s passion for designer home decor.


The boutique started as an online concept store in 2010, but as The Yard expanded to include a wider product mix, it made sense to open a curated gift shop. Eventually, the founders saw an opportunity to expand even further by collaborating with a local restaurant and creating a community space. The entrepreneurs who started The Yard have a head for business and a knack for knowing what their customers are looking for.


Another focus of the The Yard’s business is sustainability. When the boutique first opened, is was entirely full of “up-cycled” products. Today, many of their product offerings can still be considered recycled vintage, and they all use charming recycled packaging.

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Their assortment of unique and fun accessories, home goods, and lifestyle products are focused on strong conceptual design, and this aesthetic is echoed throughout their physical store from in Kuwait, where sales are exploding at the physical store.


While sales from the physical store front were high, sales from online channels, such as search engines like Google, social media channels, and other online channels, were not as strong. The founders knew their interesting and unique products could resonate and connect with a much larger international market, and they needed a long-term partner to create profitable sales from these channels.  


That’s where VisualFizz comes in!

Digital Marketing Partnership with VisualFizz

The Yard boutique has strong branding and a focus on excellent design, so the imagery used across all digital channels is extremely vital in maintaining the branding.

After taking the time to learn their brand values and goals, our team of SEO Specialists and Social Media Managers began by optimizing The Yard’s complete digital ecosystem and aligning each of their digital channels. While The Yard’s branding, design, and product selection were excellent, technical SEO issues such as server issues and a dated CMS proved challenging hurdles to our usual SEO strategies.

To ensure the strongest brand presence and storefront health, we quickly adapted our strategy, eventually completely migrating the site to a new server. After an expertly-executed server migration, the Yard’s brand website saw an 800% improvement to the site speed that greatly impacted their User Experience.


But the updated website was just the first part of our strategy to help The Yard succeed digitally. Through a comprehensive and ever-evolving plan including activities such as web design, SEO marketing, Facebook and Instagram advertising and email journey implementation, Visual Fizz and The Yard continue to work together to improve the boutique’s web presence and selling power.

Design Focused Web Development

The Yard’s physical brick-and mortar boutique was beautiful and perfectly curated, and customers flocked to purchase their rotating selection of home goods, party supplies, accessories, and more.. The VisualFizz team knew that echoing that design-focused aesthetic and branding was critical to online success.

Through technical implementations to optimize the site’s SEO structure, the addition and reorganization of product and category pages, and the creation of a blog which served as another vehicle to showcase top products, we are able to transform the website into a place customers around the world were eager to shop at.

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Reduced site weight and page load by 66%, resulting in faster loading times (+800% times faster) without sacrificing design strength

Bounce rate decreased by 9.5% year over year, and Average time on site increased by 7.9% year over year

The Yard is able to easily manage their rotating inventory of products and add products to the site every day

Clean, Strong SEO

The Yard’s server was outdated and lagging, which caused long load times and a weakened user experience.

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Through careful site mapping optimizations, optimizations of product pages and categories, and heavy technical SEO strategies on backend of Prestashop, The VisualFizz team was  able to index over 500 individual product pages and become organically visible for over 200 product-based keywords. This ensures that products from The Yard will appear in organic search results as often as possible.


Direct traffic to the site increased by 24.7% YOY

7.6% increase in sessions YOY

15.5% increase in new users YOY

Customer Acquisition through Social Media Advertising

Once the site was optimized for SEO and User Experience, the VisualFizz team pivoted our focus to acquire new customers, focusing on audiences in both in Kuwait and around the world.

We launched a series of product-focused social media campaigns that used the newly-optimized landing pages and conversion-optimized lead magnets to acquire influencers and valuable backlinks, as well as to create social hype and a strong brand presence.

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Advanced demographic targeting and A/B testing helped our team of social media marketers determine the appropriate audience for Facebook cost-per-click ads (where you only have to pay when a customer clicks on your content, not for appearing on their timeline). We also spent some advertising budget on boosted posts to help showcase the organic content they were already producing on Facebook and Instagram.  


The Visual Fizz team encouraged The Yard to utilize the Instagram story feature to showcase daily happenings around their boutique, and help share the brand personality with a larger audience.

95 The Yard Kuwait Instagram Posts
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Through on-brand copy and imagery across a wide variety of social media ads, our team at Visual Fizz continues to extend the reach and improve the ROI of The Yard’s Facebook Ad Campaigns, Boosted Posts, and Instagram Ads.


100% – 360 growth of users in USA, Germany, China, India, Canada, and Turkey.

350% increase in traffic from organic and social channels

22% increase in sales of promoted products


Some of our clients are across the street. The Yard boutique is 6,755 miles away from our office in downtown Chicago. Regardless of the distance between us, the VisualFizz team worked seamlessly and diligently with the entrepreneurs behind The Yard to ensure the ethos of their brand was brought to life across the digital ecosystem – and that they saw the corresponding sales and exposure as a result.