Social Media Strategy

Social media platforms continue to rise in popularity as users shift to a connected, social voice. VisualFizz‘s social team are experts in what it truly means to be present as a brand where audiences spend most of their time. By planning and implementing a strong social media strategy, your brand will be able to represent itself more clearly to followers and potential customers.

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Crafting a Well-Rounded Social Media Strategy That Matches Your Brand Goals

The VisualFizz team has extensive experience in branded organic social presences and truly effective advertising on social media channels. Through both paid and organic campaigns, and deep analysis and understanding of KPIs, VisualFizz learns about each audience and the factors that make them tick. With customized strategies to suit your particular needs, VisualFizz provides only the most effective social media strategies.

Not All Social Media Channels Are Created Equal.

At VisualFizz, we know that not all social channels are created equal, and not every social channel is appropriate for the brand’s unique offering. That’s why we create a customized social media strategy that diversifies the brand’s offering and fits what is appropriate for each channel within the strategy. We analyze the current social landscape and put together a unique strategy that increases brand trust, creates a positive brand reputation, and most importantly, creates a singular, unified brand presence across all social channels.

Making Your Social Media Strategy Work For You

Often times, brands struggle to find a clear ROI from social media channels and are unsure of how to effectively build up a community around their brand offering. That’s where VisualFizz comes in! We establish the best social media strategy, which entails organic social media channel management, paid social advertising, or both. We optimize each social profile for algorithms on both search and social networks. We then use careful analysis and data deep-dives to provide insight into the “why’s” in a brand’s social media community, rather than just base metrics. We never stop analyzing the current social environment and never stop testing to find exactly what works (and what doesn’t). This translates into a measurable social ROI, increased brand visibility and trustworthiness, and a positive social reputation in an engaged, targeted community.


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