Pay Per Click and Paid Media

VisualFizz partners with brands across a number of industries to create and manage effective, targeted PPC and CPC campaigns on search, social, and beyond.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Google Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising

Advertise where your audience is searching for you by running PPC campaigns on Google's Ad platform. Whether search, display, retargeting, or a blend of all strategies, VisualFizz creates and manages PPC ad campaigns that are as sophisticated and robust as Google is.

Bing Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising

Bing audiences differ from Google audiences in slight but important ways. We help to identify opportunities to advertise on additional channels, and Bing is often a platform we recommend adding to the marketing mix when growth is the goal.

Social Media Advertising

The social media advertising landscape is a rapidly evolving one. From Facebook, Instagram, and Linkedin ads to Pinterest, and YouTube, we help make sense of these complex platforms and use the power of social media to deliver effective, exciting social media campaigns.

Shopping and Ecommerce Campaigns

PPC and shopping campaigns for e-commerce require expertly crafted, easy to understand ad copy and impactful imagery. We've got the know-how and marketing skills to remain ROI positive for Google Shopping, Amazon Shopping, and Instagram shopping campaigns.

Advanced Audience and Geo Targeting

VisualFizz's full-service branding team evaluates your website's current capabilities and looks for opportunities to optimize for a stronger, better User Experience.

Powerful Ad Copy and Creative

We apply the same experiential approach used in our branding campaigns to our PPC campaigns - we aim to grab attention, evoke emotion, and elicit response.

Paid Media campaigns that convert

At VisualFizz, we’ve taken all of the guesswork out of advertising with a top-down approach focused on campaign creation, funnel and pipeline optimization, conversion development, and analytical tracking tools. We’ve worked with both large and small companies to help them create cost-effective marketing strategies that generate positive ROI.

PPC Ad Management

In today’s digital culture, consumers are constantly bombarded with advertisements. At VisualFizz, our advertising team differentiates your brand from the competition and makes a clear impression on your target audience.


Our data-driven PPC and advertising ROI campaign strategies and our incredible visual marketing put your brand’s offering in front of qualified, targeted consumers.

PPC Ad testing that never stops

VisualFizz takes pride in delivering cost-effective, ROI-positive results from our unique ad campaigns, but we don’t let the optimization stop there. Our marketing strategies are meant for long-term sustainability and success, which is why we are constantly and carefully testing out each element of a brand’s ad campaigns.


We turn valuable consumer data into better, stronger, and more cost-effective ad campaigns, ensuring that your brand is always improving and your ad campaigns are never stagnant.

"VisualFizz brings needed stability to a perpetually ad-hoc process."
- a visualfizz client
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