Branding and Brand Strategy

VisualFizz partners with brands across a number of industries to improve brand reputation and create exciting branding strategies.

Our Branding Services

Omni-Channel Brand Strategy

VisualFizz branding strategies focus on the full scope of your brand reach. From your website to social media channels, from your email marketing to physical brand assets, our Branding supports you across all channels.

Videography and Commercial

If a picture says a thousand words, a video says a million. Showcase your brand in its best light with fully branded and stunning videography and video media creation by VisualFizz.

New Market Targeting

Entering a new market? We can help you learn who to target and what makes them tick. We'll set up structured experiments to explore new channels in a controlled, strategic way.

Logo and Creative

Your branding starts with your logo and other creative assets. Make sure your logo and design match your branding and marketing goals and set you up for success with VisualFizz.

Conversion Rate Optimization and UX

VisualFizz's full-service branding team evaluates your website's current capabilities and looks for opportunities to optimize for a stronger, better User Experience.

Market Research and Brand Positioning

As marketers, we never stop learning. We know understanding the audience isn't enough - we help you to understand your consumer as well as the market environment, current industry state, and how your brand can position itself to gain the most market share.

Building Brands with a Purpose

At VisualFizz, we understand that creating a roadmap for your brand’s voice, personality, and mission is critical to your success. We combine digital marketing online with physical marketing in the real world to create a unified, completely controlled experience wherever your audience is found.

What does branding Mean?

The definition of branding is “the marketing practice of actively shaping your brand to distinguish from other brands.” 

At VisualFizz, we create brand strategies that increase brand awareness, reach new audiences, and make an emotional connection with the people you care about the most. Our goal is simple – ensure that your brand is positive, memorable, and seen in a positive light from all angles.

Powerful branding online and offline

It’s our mission to build exciting brands that are on the road to steady growth. From emerging startups to established brands, from household names to brands looking to reposition or redesign, we know how vital it is for branding to be consistent and memorable across all channels. 


VisualFizz Branding campaigns aim to stir emotional responses and evoke strong opinions towards a brand. These emotional responses are what influences a user to make a decision, take an action, become a loyal customer. 

"VisualFizz brings needed stability to a perpetually ad-hoc process."
- a visualfizz client
Brand Strategy Project

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