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When VisualFizz formed in 2016, we knew we would always be creators. From the onset, our growing team has dedicated ourselves to tacking every challenge head on. Three years later, we are proud of our dynamic, multi-faceted résumé and our reputation for getting things done right the first time. 

Previous development projects, social media strategies, and SEO-optimized content speak for themselves as proof of our expertise. Yet, often times, potential partners find themselves surprised to learn our team is so much more than just your standard digital marketing agency. Not only can our team tell incredible stories through Branding and Creative campaigns, but we can also design, develop, and maintain media and digital assets needed to power those campaigns. 

If you’re interested in learning how you can capture the personality and mission of your business in a targeted video marketing campaign, check out our VisualFizz Guide to Boosting Video With SEO, or contact us to see what VisualFizz videos can do for you.

We are proud to have partnered with several companies over the past few years to develop video marketing content that can inspire and inform. Learn more about the details on VisualFizz’s videography and video marketing case studies.

Social Media Explainer Video for Healthcare Brand - Exhale

The Client

Exhale Now was one of VisualFizz’s earliest clients to benefit from our video services. Exhale’s offering is unique and appeals to a specific consumer demographic, meaning they needed a simple and effective marketing tool that explains the product that they offer and their process. While the process can be relatively straightforward, allergen testing services are an intangible product, and the Exhale brand was searching for the best way to communicate with and educate potential customers as to why their services are so valuable. 

The Goal

VisualFizz and Exhale agreed that a video could be a powerful marketing tool to help consumers visualize and understand the in-home allergen testing process from beginning to end. In order to do so, VisualFizz would need to clearly identify and explain what the product does, what the process of receiving and shipping the product looks like, and how to use it. Acknowledging that many, if not most, of the clients purchasing Exhale’s product would be doing so for the first time, the main goal was to help consumers become more comfortable with the product and the process itself. 

The Solution

To help viewers feel more at ease with Exhale, the marketing video places great emphasis on comfort. Consumers are walked through the entire process from beginning to end in a familiar home setting and communicates the relatable struggle with allergens. Props like soft, fluffy blankets add to the overall theme of comfort and relief, and the text throughout coupled with the actors’ performance clearly explains how those suffering from an issue with their home’s air quality can utilize the product, read the results, and reach a satisfying solution to their issue. 

Video for Chicago Branding Agency - VisualFizz (us!)

The Client

If you want something done right, sometimes you have to do it yourself. As a digital marketing company, we know a thing or two about growing a brand, and we use many of the same marketing strategies as our clients. Video marketing is highly effective, and we practice what we preach in our own advertorial content. Over the past few years, we have quickly grown from a small startup to a high-impact digital marketing agency, expanding our services through initiatives like VisualFizz Builds, which caters to the industrial, construction, real estate, architecture, and energy brands. 

The Goal

Every company wants to expand their client base, and VisualFizz is no exception. This marketing video served as an opportunity to show viewers who we really are, how we built our business, what our clients are like, and our future goals. Our goal was to provide our clients with an enjoyable and informative glimpse into the inner mechanics of our digital marketing firm. 

The Solution

By including interviews with several clients, the video shares a relatable experience with viewers and further emphasizes the importance of our business-client relationships. Equally important to getting to know us as a company was ensuring viewers understand that our clients are our number one priority. The final product walks through our company’s history, sharing our progress, current goals, and future plans in an engaging yet informative video. We are very happy with the results, and will definitely be repeat customers! 

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Brand Video for Technology Company - Resource Point of Sale

The Client

Resource Point of Sale is an innovative leader in their industry, offering end-to-end Point of Sale (POS) systems for restaurants and retailers. They were seeking innovation in their video marketing campaigns, which VisualFizz gladly provided. From tech support to maintenance to the POS systems themselves, Resource Point of Sale is a comprehensive one-stop-shop for any business. 

The Goal

There was a clear and simple goal in mind when VisualFizz and Resource Point of Sale teamed up to create a pair of promotional video marketing materials: the videos needed to be visually captivating and easy to follow, since they would be used in a variety of upcoming marketing efforts at trade shows and in email campaigns. In addition to a long-form video detailing the company and its mission, Resource Point of Sale would need a second, shorter video to focus on product offerings and a brief overview of the company. 

The Solutions

The long-form video features a representative sampling of Resource Point of Sale employees and includes everyone from warehouse workers to the CEO. By sharing their experiences, these individuals explain the products and processes provided by their company and how they can benefit any business in need of a POS system. The interviews and visuals clearly demonstrate what Resource Point of Sale offers and what sets them apart from other companies in the industry. Finally, to capture the innovative spirit of Resource Point of Sale, VisualFizz incorporated drone footage to emphasize the geographical advantages afforded by a company located in a buzzing Chicago neighborhood. 


The second video delivered shorter, more concise content and condensed video footage. Rather than focusing on multiple individuals, this video features Resource Point of Sale CEO Austin Chavez sharing the company’s story in his own words. By offering a glimpse into the mind of Resource Point of Sale’s founder, viewers experience his professionalism and extensive industry knowledge first hand, and it speaks for itself. Both of these projects were considered a great success for Resource Point of Sale, whose previous marketing materials had been created years earlier and needed updating, and these new videos will be used for years to come.

Opening Day Commercial Video for Chicago Brand - Lakeview East Chamber of Commerce

The Client

The Lakeview East Chamber of Commerce is a unique client offering an equally unique challenge. While many VisualFizz clients are working to attract customers to their business, the mission of the Lakeview East Chamber of Commerce is a little different—they’re looking to attract customers to a variety of neighborhood businesses, which appeal to many different consumer demographics. 

The Goal

With only five days to build, shoot, edit, and produce a 30-second TV commercial that highlighted the best attributes of the Wrigleyville neighborhood, VisualFizz got to work immediately. In order to deliver top-quality video content highlighting one of the busiest and most vibrant Chicago neighborhoods, it was clear there was a lot of work to do in a short period of time. 

The Solution

VisualFizz videographers were decisive and efficient when it came to filming at specific locations, selecting different bars and restaurants that best represented the neighborhood and were also good to film. Eight hours of film became a 30-second commercial spot that is entertaining, eye-catching, and accurately captures the energy and personality of a popular Chicago neighborhood and its residents. The resulting project is a visual showcase of what Wrigleyville has to offer and successfully engages viewers with a smooth and enjoyable visual experience. 

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