Social Media Marketing for Chicago Food Festival

We had the opportunity to take over the delicious social media account for one of Chicago’s largest food festivals. Our goal was to build awareness, build hype, and increase sales by ensuring that social media marketing is on-key with their brand. The VisualFizz team attended the event in order to continue building hype. This resulted in increased ticket sales, as well. We’ll let the stats do the talking:


Did we hit our location-targeting? Yes.

  • 80% of visitors to the website came from Illinois. The rest came from nearby states (Indiana, Wisconsin, Michigan)


Did we grow the social following? Yes.

772 New Page likes (approximately 15% increase) on Facebook

  • Approximately 3% engagement rate

131 New Twitter Followers

  • Over 2% engagement rate

348 New Instagram Followers

  • Approximately 12% engagement rate


Were we trending? Big Time.


The Impact:

  • With a goal from the clients to hit trending for Chicago on Twitter, we shattered expectations and were the #1 trending topic on Twitter in less than 40 minutes. With our constant upkeep of the social accounts, as well as the commitment to building hype, we stayed on trending for 8 hours.


  • We sold more tickets than the year prior.


  • We were able to provide our clients with tangible takeaways that we could use next year, in order to increase sales and customer experience.


  • We saw major increases in the account followers in a fairly short period of time.


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