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The VisualFizz team believes in creating wins. What can we say, we love having a reason to celebrate. But what we really enjoy doing is building, deconstructing, testing, designing, and continuing to keep our team and our clients happy.

Our History

Est. 2016 in Chicago, Illinois, USA


In October of 2016, Dan Salganik and Marissa Ryan first met at a local cafe in Chicago, the best city in the world (but we’re biased). Upon knowing each other for approximately 3 hours, they agreed to they were ready for the next step in their careers and decided to become co-founders of an agency that does things a little differently than the others out there. 

2 weeks Later

Within 2 weeks, VisualFizz was able to land their first clients. They quickly built a website, completed their branding, and started to build their team. This laid the foundation for the future of the company.

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A Couple Years Later

By our second year in business, we were ready to start expanding our team, as well as our client base. Our company was defined and our clients ranged from small ‘mom and pops’ to Fortune 500 companies. 


Today, VisualFizz remains a high growth, high impact digital marketing agency with the goal to continue to build creative, exciting, incredible things.


We’re on a mission to stay curious and always ready to learn, and we’re betting others feel the same. That’s why we launched the VisualFizz Growth Series, featuring speakers, business owners, and entrepreneurs with a spark that mirrors ours.


Another VisualFizz mission – building incredible things. That’s why we’ve added VisualFizz Builds, a specialized branch of our marketing services just for industrial, construction, real estate, architecture, and energy brands.


Our client list has expanded and our team has grown, but one thing that has stayed consistent is our company values and our commitment to building a strong relationship with our clients.

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visualfizz builds supports industrial and commercial manufacuturing brands

Dan S.

Managing Partner

Marissa R.

Managing Partner

Ajay H.

Sr. Project Manager

Jessica V.

Social & Strategy Lead

Jim C.

Sr. SEO Strategist

James B.

Sr. Web Developer

Ross S.

Sr. SEO Strategist

Cassie S.

Content Strategist

Jeff G.

Sr. SEO Strategist

Laura W.

Sr. Designer

DiVinci S.


Jake S.

Sr. Content Writer

Nico M.

Sr. UI/UX Designer

Nate R.

Content Writer

Kelli H.

Public Relations

The Team

We pride ourselves on hiring individuals that have a passion for marketing that goes beyond the 9-5. Many visualFizz team members come from a position of leadership or entrepreneurship.


Many of us have unique hobbies, such as Dj’ing, cooking, playing musical instruments, painting, and so much more! We embrace those passions here.

On average, each team member possesses at least a decade of experience in their respective field. We pride ourselves on hiring the best and the brightest. 

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