Why Don’t You Snapchat Your Wedding?



What inspired the start of the company and when did it launch?

In early 2016 our VP Sales and Marketing, Cody, and I were watching a video on Youtube about utilizing Snapchat Geofilters for businesses. We started brainstorming ideas on how

we could utilize this new technology and I got the idea that we could use this technology for weddings. We didn’t want to just make boiler plate templated wedding filters and

have clients purchase them and fend for themselves. We wanted the experience to be personalized and completely custom to perfectly match their wedding and vision.


What distinguishes you from your competitors?

We believe there are three key features that separates us from our competition:

– we provide superior, custom design to match each wedding couples visions and inspirations for their special day

– we provide personal custom service, Cody works individually with each client starting with a one-on-one phone call for onboarding all the way to complete Snapchat management

we handle all of the submissions to Snapchat for the clients

– we create and design pop-up easels for each client with their own Snapchat ghostcode on it along with Snapchat instructions on how to use Geofilters. What’s the

point of creating Geofilters if no one knows they are live at your wedding?


Goals of the company:

The goal of the company was to build a brand the brides and wedding industry professionals saw as a leader in leveraging technology in weddings and events. Our first chapter will be trying to make Snapchat Geofilters for weddings and events more mainstream, it is still a new technology and option for weddings — the one year anniversary of On-Demand Geofilters is coming up shortly I believe. We would like to build a sustainable, profitable business from our custom Geofilter services before venturing into other products and services for the industry.



Voted Top Wedding Trend by TheWeddingGuys and being featured in Minnesota Monthly magazine

Getting a featured article written by The Knot and published on their blog

Completing our first international order (Canada wedding)



We were quite naive when we started the company, we thought we had a great idea and it would be a no-brainer for brides to want our service. We got stuck in the if you build it they will come mindset, but quickly realized we needed a better strategy to try to pull in orders. Another difficulty we have had is a lack of direction and trying too many things at once.


Advice to others:

No matter how early to the market you are with a great idea you still need to execute and be patient.

Find one thing to focus on that moves the needle some and stick to it until you see a plateau, for example I have been exclusively focusing my efforts on social media strategy and industry outreach while my business partner Cody has exclusively focused on networking. From these efforts we have made strong industry connections and have presented us with opportunities we would’ve missed if we were too spread thin focusing on a ton of little things.

Don’t give up too early. Filtered Vows is now 6 months old and it is not the can’t miss success I thought it was, but I do believe that our business model has life for at least 5 more years and likely won’t become mainstream until 2018, so I know if we keep our head down and keep hustling we will be well positioned in the next couple of years. Plus if all else fails we will have hundreds of connections in the industry which will give us a great jumping point for another idea in the industry.


William Elliot


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